4 Tips to Help You Manage a Team of Freelance Writers

Managing freelance writers through a remote based system has its advantages and disadvantages.

Utilising a remote based system as opposed to working from an office can has its benefits. The key benefit was that you do not have to rent office space, and ask freelance writers to relocate to the city that the company office is in. Another benefit is that you are not geographically restricted, and could therefore recruit quality writers from all over the globe.

While there are benefits to running a remote based media outlet, there are also a lot of drawbacks. Below is a list of ways you can combat any difficulties you may in managing your team of freelance writers.

Create virtual offices


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When you do not have the finances to rent office space, it is a good idea to try to create the atmosphere of an office through secret groups on Facebook. Due to the fact that the most people have a Facebook account and check it only a daily basis, the social media outlet can be utilised effectively to group all of your freelance writers together and build up a sense of comradery. It is an instantaneous way of sending article suggestions or website updates to a large number of writers on a platform which regularly visit.

Maintain regular contact with writers


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Maintaining regular contact with writers is essential to ensuring that they will continue to provide content for your website. In the age of instant messaging, it is extremely easy to get in contact with writers and converse with them. Ensure that you utilise these means of contacting writers to: give writing tips, praise or critique their work etc. Try to get to know your writers, and through strong emotional intelligence, find means to relate to them.

Keep writers in the loop with regular website news updates


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Keeping your freelance writers in the loop is key. Provide regular, detailed updates on how the website is doing in terms of traffic rankings; article production rates; who is the most active writer at the website etc. Monthly or weekly updates will ensure that writers feel connected with to the successes of the website and spur them on to achieve more. Along with the updates, provide traffic and content production goals to aim for, and suggest ways that the website can be improved.

Give freelance writers the freedom to choose what they write


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Give your writers the freedom to produce creative content for your website. While you should give your writers a certain number of articles to produce per week, do not restrict what they can write about Try not to restrict writers, as when they are given the opportunity to express themselves, they will likely produce better and more interesting content for the website you are running. Also, the more pride a writer takes in a piece he/she wrote, the more likely they are to utilise their social media accounts to generate interest in the article. This will lead to huge traffic spikes.

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