5 Reasons You Should Add a Video Blog to Your Site

Video blogs, or vlogs as they are often called, were a novelty for tech insiders for a while, but recently they have become more popular for bloggers of all types. They aren’t just for those looking to become an internet celebrity; bloggers in all niches can use video blogs to boost their traffic and get more exposure for their sites.

If you aren’t yet offering video blogs on your site, it’s time you consider it. Here are just 5 reasons why implementing them is a good idea.

More Accessible to Readers

Bloggers are well aware of the need to create content that is easy to read as they are competing for time in their visitors’ busy schedules. Videos are even more accessible to visitors than blog posts. It’s easier to just watch a video for a minute than it is to take the time to focus on reading a post, which could take a lot more time, depending on how long it is. They can also listen to the post while they look at other things, allowing them to catch up on your blog while multitasking.

Appeals to a Wider Audience

There are many different types of learners and many different ways that users process information. Not everyone enjoys reading or processes information quickly when reading. Some are more visually oriented. Others learn better when they hear the information. By adding video blogs, you may your blog more appealing to a wider audience, which can help you to get more readers.

Expands Possibilities for Content

Not all content is best presented in written form. Some information relays better through video and audio. Some examples include tutorials, anything involving music, film or television, and interviews with experts. By adding video blogs to your site, you are able to expand the possibilities for your content or to enhance the effectiveness of the content you do have.

Shows Off Your Personality

No matter what your blog or your company is about, what services you offer, or what kind of information you provide, sharing your personality with your readers will help you to connect with a bigger audience. People like to make that personal connection. By adding video blogs to your site, you show off more of who you are — even if it’s just in the way you talk and gesture — and you create an opportunity to connect with more visitors.

Helps to Rank Your Site Higher

Videos are ranking higher in Google searches. Even if you can’t rank high for your keywords on your content, it’s likely that you can rank high for them with your videos. Add regular video blogs to your site, and you are likely to see your page rank climb very quickly.

Video blogs aren’t just a niche strategy any more. They are playing a bigger role in content and search marketing, and they offer many possibilities to grow your blog. Consider adding video blogs to your site and watch it grow.

About the author: Amber Satka writes on financial topics, such as her look into used car refinance rates. Amber is a former office manager and current mother and writer.

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