5 Techniques to Elevate your Next Social Media Campaign

As social media grows to encompass an increasingly large percentage of all internet use, it’s becoming more and more crucial as a far reaching and powerful campaign promotion tool.

You can take advantage of this new trend whether you’re promoting a social cause, business, product or services of some kind. Let’s examine some key tips you should bear in mind if you want to improve your social media campaign presence.

1. Provide Value in your Content

Promoting anything through the major social media platforms is almost exclusively about making sure it’s going to gain real interest amongst readers and viewers; the simple act of advertising products isn’t enough. Instead, what you need to do is provide real value in the sense that your posts, submissions, tweets and content in general are either entertaining, useful or provide some sort of fleshed out and interesting information.

When you’re building a base of followers in your social presence and actually want them to go along with your calls to action, you’ll first have to build their trust to some extent. This means making them trust you as someone who knows what they’re talking about, is really expert at their niche and thus someone followers can do business with. Delivering valuable content is the single most surefire way of achieving this quickly and relatively easily.

2. Engage your Followers

Just as social media isn’t simply about advertising and marketing your products in a classical sense; it’s also not about being hands off with your audience. You can’t simply post content or promotions and leave it at that. Instead, due to the very nature of virtually all social networking systems, your readers will be able to comment, tweet and create a constant stream of questions, criticisms and comments about your promotions, offers or content.

You, in turn, as the content creator and social media administrator have to respond. If questions get asked, you need to answer them to a reasonable level; if constructive criticism is thrown your way, you have to respond and address it, and if people are talking to each other on your social media account pages, you need to involve yourself in the conversations that are going on.

Again, social media is about building organic interest and genuine communication with your audience; talking to them in real time is vital to achieving this.

3. Select your Ideal Platforms

Realistically, this step is the very first thing you need to look at if you really want to kick-start your social networking campaign. The bottom line is that not all social networks are created equal and some are more ideal for your needs than others.

Thus, look at what kind of campaign you’re organizing, look at the kind of target audience you have and analyze the kind of social media they’re most likely to use. Based on this info, you can make your campaign more strategic. Remember, not all social media systems are the same and some are much better for promotion of certain things than others.

Additionally, bear in mind that, aside from all the well-known major networks, there are also numerous smaller, highly niche oriented social media platforms that revolve around niches such as career types, regions, age groups or all sorts of other variables. Some of these might be perfect for your campaign if the audience it’s targeting happens to be identical to a certain user base. 

4. Cross Promote your Social Platforms and Website

Your social media presence in general and your specific presence on any one social network should not all be distinct, atomized aspects of your general self-promotion. Instead, everything you’re doing on the web to get your products, services or other campaigns noticed needs to be connected together.

Cross promoting them all by integrating your campaigns, accounts and websites together dramatically improves your chances of success by creating an environment in which any one source of promotion that happens to gain more success can channel viewers to other, lesser known pages or profiles that you have on the internet. In effect, by cross promoting and integrating everything together, you’re spreading your net as widely and efficiently as possible.

5. Use Metrics and Analyze Everything

The final root of all advertising, marketing and promotional success is constant analysis. By gathering and examining an assortment of carefully tracked metrics, you can actually measure just how successful your social media campaigns are and where you should invest more or less effort.

Google’s Analytics tools offers an excellent social reporting component that can help you do just this.

About the Author: Richard Tucker  has been writing about technology and business solutions for nearly a decade. When he’s not writing, you can find Rich reviewing energy efficient elevator components for KONE Spares.

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