5 Ways to Boost Your E-Commerce Website’s ROI

It is always a challenge to get new clientele in the e-commerce space. Effective SEO strategies are vital for businesses to meet objectives of conversions and increased sales.

Presence on local search engines is important as online stores have become the place where people window shop.

A better Return on Investment (ROI) can be obtained when the online store is optimized in a way that drives traffic to the site.

Here are five ways to boost your eCommerce ROI

Value propositions should be crystal clear

When visitors land on your homepage, it is important that they can immediately see your service or product offering. The service or product should be different to what your competition is providing.

Identify the strengths of your business and use these to guide you in creating a value proposition that will put your business above the competition and thus in the top spot.

Optimize the use of keywords, title tags and meta descriptions

Keywords, tags and descriptions affects your store’s online presence and provide visitors with insight into what your company offers.  It is essential to get these elements right if you want to build a strong online presence for your website and be on the first page of an Internet search results.

Onsite SEO Optimisation Tips:

  • Place the keywords first
  • Keep title tags informative and applicable by limiting them to 70 characters.
  • The same goes for meta descriptions, with a maximum of 150 characters.

Keep forms short and simple

Many site visitors may be excited about your business and the offers available. These visitors will may initiate contact and are often required to fill out forms on the website for further information or purchases.

Ensure that forms are not too long, as lengthy forms will discourage visitors from completing the forms, and this could lead to a lost customer. Make the forms as short as possible and do not ask anything that may be difficult to answer.

It is advisable to provide a visitor with various options, such as signing up for the website and getting all the benefits as a member, or rather using the website as a guest that can gather information and purchase items, but the guest option does not provide member benefits.  

Avoid Hosting Problems

Problems with your hosting are expensive. If you’re struggling with uptime, performance, or bad customer service, you lose time. Time you can spend building your business, and working on developing your value proposition. One way to avoid this is to purchase managed hosting from a provider like EuroVPS.

Use social media

Social media marketing is essential for your business to grow continuously. Choose social media platforms that are relevant and utilised by your target market; it is not necessary to be on all the social media platforms. An example of a site using social media to the fullest is 2017designtrends.com.

Facebook is a good solution for social media marketing of e-commerce stores, according to Shopify.  Use social media platforms to share information, images and videos of what your store offers.

The stores sales should be positively affected by a sustainable online presence.

Final Takeaway

In conclusion, e-commerce has taken over traditional marketing methods, and businesses need to adapt to the online sphere to survive. The e-commerce site should be optimized in a way that attracts and keeps visitors, while being supported by visibility on social media platforms.

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