5 Ways to Drive Web Traffic from Twitter

Twitter has become a favorite of consumers and businesses alike because they can share their favorite content with thousands of users in just a few keystrokes. Consumers usually get comments and retweets, but businesses should also aim for more traffic to their websites.

The social media site has exploded since it came on the scene in 2006, and the latest usage statistics explain why marketers are investing more time and dollars into Twitter. With all that heavy traffic, though, it can be tough to get your company’s message out to the marketplace. Here are five tricks you can try to turn every tweet into a traffic generator.

Tweet the Highlights

When space is limited, you only have a few seconds (and characters) to make people want to learn more. Use the space wisely by sending the most enticing, entertaining or provocative content to your followers.

Most tweeters use the post title, but other options are just as effective. Use a call to action to create a sense of urgency or exclusivity, or add quote or statistic to make people want to learn more. A weird and wacky story will make people click out of sheer curiosity, as long as it has something to do with your business.

Strike Up Conversations

Social media started as a way to keep in touch with old friends and chat with new ones. It’s no different for website owners — studies show a deeper connection with brands when those brands talk back. Drive more traffic by starting conversations with Twitter followers.

Start a conversation by asking a casual question or sending a link to a survey on your site. You’ll also increase engagement by responding to followers’ questions or comments. Also, consider turning your Twitter feed into a customer service channel. You’ll address their issues more quickly, and you might prevent them from tweeting a bad review of you.

Follow the Right People

As mentioned before, networking is everything on social media. That means building your list of followers, but building it with the right people, namely people who may stop by your website and then convince others to do the same.

Numbers are important, but so is reach. Start following customers and colleagues, and then add influencers in your field, particularly those with large followings. Over time, add people who interact frequently with your feed or retweet your posts. Use the #Discover section on your dashboard to look for other people to follow.

Tweet Regularly

Are you still following people who haven’t tweeted in a while? Of course not, so why would other people? Active feeds are a sign of a healthy business, so keep tweeting and give people a reason to move on to your site.

This is especially true for seasonal businesses. If you own a business like Mosquito Magnet, backyard control might not be as crucial in winter as it is in summer, but you don’t want to drop out of sight completely. Instead, send regular updates about new products, or talk about the issues that might arise throughout the year.

Pick the Right Time

Look at your Twitter feed and you’ll see how many posts appear in a matter of minutes. If you tweet just a few seconds too early or too late, your message might get lost in the shuffle. That’s why your tweeting schedule needs to be as precise as possible.

Technology can help with this. Find a reliable analytics tool to show you when your tweets get the best traction, and then install a scheduling tool like Futuretweets or Hootsuite to post during those periods. The better your timing, the better the response rate, including clicks to your site.

Twitter is a great way to stay in touch with the public. If you follow these steps, it can also be a great introduction to your website.

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