5 Ways You Can Benefit From Writing a Kindle Book to Boost Your Blog

Most bloggers know that they need to produce epic content to succeed, but activities done away from their own site can be just as important, if not more so.

This includes being active and engaging on social media platforms, commenting to connect with other bloggers, and publishing guest posts to help grow an audience.

But there’s another major opportunity that can really benefit your blog: writing and publishing an ebook. This post is focused specifically on the potential benefits of publishing on Amazon’s Kindle Digital Publishing, and it outlines five ways you can use this platform to increase traffic, revenue and more.

1. Build Your Authority and Stand Out from the Crowd

In addition to the potential for direct sales revenue, a Kindle book helps cement your authority as an expert in your niche. New visitors will see that you are a published author, which is still a badge of honor in our culture even with all our emphasis on Web 2.0 advancements.

No matter what your niche, there are likely a lot of bloggers out there competing for your attention. Having a published book and a professional Amazon author page will make you stand out.

2. Use KDP Select for Promotion and Added Revenue

KDP Select is an optional add-on program where you can choose 5 days each period of 90 where your book can be downloaded for free. Personally, I was a little reluctant doing this since it meant no revenue for those free downloads, but I now believe the benefits far outweigh this point.

It leads to positive reviews and social media shares, and also helps increase Amazon rank, which is key for showing up in the various recommendation algorithms.

In addition, KDP Select books show up in the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, where Amazon Prime members can read it for free, and for each download you get a percentage of a huge total pot of money. One caveat: you can’t sell digital copies of your book outside of Amazon during the 90 day period of KDP Select.

3. Insert Links for a New Traffic Source for Your Blog

You certainly don’t want to overdo this one, but a few well-placed links in the text of the ebook can serve as a clever way to gain some new blog traffic. Areas you might consider include the publisher information, your author bio, your book introduction, or a concluding section.

4. Capture New Subscribers and Leads

Taking the previous point one step further, you can add a call-to-action at the end of your book (or possibly at the beginning as well) which captures email addresses. One problem with Amazon is that you do not get a list of your customers that you can follow up with, so try this method out in order to stay connected with some of those readers.

5. Open Up New Professional Opportunities

Finally, you never know what benefits your ebook might bring you once you introduce it to the world. Many Kindleauthors have scored new gigs including speaking, consulting, joint ventures, and more. Others have used the success of a Kindle book to lead to a lucrative publishing contract with a major publishing house. All of these types of opportunities are a lot more possible when you have a book to your name.

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