A Business Case Study: The Pitfalls of Social Media Marketing

Every business on social media is searching for marketing success, and rightly so, as each post on social media has the potential to viral a company into international fame overnight. Because of this, social media is often the most common practice of sales and marketing that takes place inside a business.

However, your business is only as good as your social media strategy, as the way you portray your brand and communicate through social media channels is an essential to the perception of your business by your customers. Having a solid social media plan is essential to executing business goals and maintaining relationships.

As a result, businesses are constantly being bombarded with how-to articles on increasing social media impact and optimising engagement levels. Yet despite all social media efforts, many businesses never reach their full potential due to an ineffective strategy.

Here is why your social media may be falling short:

Unrealistic Expectations

In terms of steadily increasing revenue, many businesses find it difficult to comprehend whether social media is worth the investment. Social media is far from free; it takes time to write posts, respond to comments, set up contest, and participate in the social interaction of the community. Worryingly, many brands hope to duplicate the success of powerhouse brands on a shoestring budget. Don’t set the bar too high ¨C especially when you’re in the midst of growing your business ¨C and don’t expect to see exceptional results straight away.

Unclear ROI

In terms of steadily increasing revenue, many businesses find it difficult to comprehend whether social media is worth the investment. Many businesses simply don’t understand how to measure their social media successes. Measure the conversion rates and customer service expenses. If your social networking is paying off, you should see conversion rates go up because they’re better leads and better customer engagements.

Buying Followers

It’s not about the quality of followers; it’s about the quality of followers. Your social media strategy must be aligned with your company’s objectives, as your activity on social media must always reflect your business goals. What is your business hoping to achieve long-term? Determine goals which serve as a compass for your social strategy.

Deleting Negativity

Deleting negative comments doesn’t give you more control over the situation. Instead this attempted control will be lost as the discussion will be moved elsewhere. The best response is address problems quickly by answering complaints with facts, and criticisms with understanding. By demonstrating excellent customer service skills, the situation will turn in your favour.

Disloyal Employees

An employee can post something negative about your brand which can damage your reputation, creating an impression among your customers that you treat employees poorly. Always set explicit employee standards, and always look at what your employees are saying about your business.

Overly Promotional

You may be surprised to learn, users join social media in order to be social with one another. Yet many businesses fail to recognise this, and start using the platform as a means to promote. Social media is a platform which encourages engagement and converse in a meaningful way. A subtle building of your brand is an essence of marketing, and an active social media presence will undoubtedly enhance perception and the value of your brand if done skilfully.

Being Inconsistent

Not every social media outlet will be right for your business. It is better to be actively responsible for one social platform, than spreading content thin over many. Be consistent with your efforts by allocating a time per day dedicated to campaigns and setting limits. Once you set-up an account on social media, you must be able to service content on a regular basis. Be consistent with the amount of content you publish daily.

About the author: Jane Smith writes for alldayPA, a telephone answering service offering businesses a bespoke call handling service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Follow her on Twitter: @allday_pa

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