Actionable Tactics to Grow Your Business Leads

Right now, almost anyone can start their own business. If you’ve decided to do this and you’ve already launched your products or services, you’ve probably already managed to build your client base. Still, as you should always strive to attract more people to your products or services, you might be wondering how to keep growing your leads. To help you do this, we’ve come up with a couple of actionable tactics that are guaranteed to do the trick.

Rethink and reevaluate your pitch

When it comes to pitching your business, you’ve probably been doing the same thing over and over again. This isn’t the best thing to do since you’ll keep getting a weaker response. If you’re wondering why this is the case, just think about the market – there are so many companies out there and repeating the same thing over and over again is simply not going to get you anywhere. Instead, what you need to do is figure out how consumers see your business and use that to come up with new ways to approach them. Do surveys, talk to consumers and you should be able to give your pitch a boost it needs.

Leverage your existing client base

Your current client base can play a huge role in how successful your business is going to be in the future. Not only that you can count on your current customers to come back but you can also expect them to recommend your products or services to their friends and family. Of course, if you want them to spread the word about your business, you’ll have to remind them to do this. And since you’ll be asking them for a favor, it’s very important that you first make sure they’re 100% satisfied with your products or services. This means you’ll also have to ensure you offer top-notch customer service to your customers.

Work on your network expansion

We’ve already mentioned that you should trust your current client base to help you bring your business closer to consumers. Still, it’s quite obvious that you can’t only rely on them to do this. What this means is that you should always keep working on your network expansion. However, generating new leads yourself tends to be quite difficult and expensive. That’s why many companies out there decide to outsource this aspect of their work and you might just want to think about doing the same. That way, you’ll be saving your company a lot of money and your staff won’t have to undertake any kind of special training. Luckily, you can outsource this to appointment setters who can schedule meetings with business prospects for you.

Offer trials as incentives for new customers

There’s no need to say that offering trial as incentives is a great way to generate more leads. Companies have been doing this for ages and it’s something you simply can never go wrong with. That way, you’ll give people a chance to take a closer look at your products or services and decide whether they want it or not. What this means is that they might eventually end up buying from you. On top of this, customers who receive trials from you will be quite likely to recommend your business to other people.

Provide your product/service for free in exchange for an in-depth testimonial or a review

Another great thing to do is to offer your product or service for free in exchange for a testimonial or a review. This can turn out to be a great idea since we now have plenty of influencers who have already reached a wide audience. Still, it’s very important that you find influencers whose audience might be interested in buying from you. Once you do that, make sure you come up with a deal that both sides will benefit from. Usually, the influencer will only ask for a free product or service and they’ll review it and share the article or video with their followers. And not only will an influencer’s review give you a chance to get your business noticed but it might also help you figure out what further adjustments you can make regarding your products or services.

Generating new leads is never going to be easy but it’s something you’ll simply have to do if you want your business to survive. Try to apply all of the tactics we’ve mentioned above, and you’ll be on a good track to generate all the leads you need.


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Oscar Waterworth – a digital nomad, writer and senior editor at BizzmarkBlog. By working with product development teams for nearly a decade now, he has gained a great deal of insight on remote team management and project operations in the startup sphere.

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