Adapting to Digital Market Changes to Help Your Business Grow

2015 was the first year mobile-only users surpassed the desktop consumers. The numbers are clear – over 60% of time spent on digital media is spent through a mobile device. Marketers are under pressure, as they are still struggling to connect with their customers because the cookie-based technologies used for desktop sites do not work well on their mobile counterparts. If marketers want keep up with the ever-connected users of today, they must explore new technology solutions that work across all platforms. We are living in the post-digital marketing world, where the use of electronic media is so omnipresent, and digital marketing is becoming fully integrated.

Regardless of the industry, changes are bound to happen over time, and you cannot afford to stick to the same strategy from which your business initially grew. The only way to satisfy your clients’ needs is to reevaluate and readjust your company’s plan for future development when necessary, if not constantly. A business plan must evolve with time, every scalable model should, by its definition, keep up with the dynamic nature of the marketplace.

The Right Content

The digital readers are getting more and more demanding and the marketplace is getting over-crowded. Consequently, more and more companies are saturating the market with mediocre content, in an attempt to get more exposure, and increase the number of their indexed pages and brand awarness, which ultimately affects their rankings. While quantity is still very important, quality standards are becoming firmer and more important than ever. In fact, according to a recent Moz study, which analyzed shares and links of over 1 million articles, over 75% of all content winds up getting zero shares and zero links. The results suggest that the material is simply not worth sharing in most cases, and has almost no positive benefits for a brand. If you want your company to endure beyond 2016, you have to have well-written and well-researched content if you want to be the part of that 25%. Traffic means revenue, and although you should start adapting to CRO (conversion rate optimization), having a UX first policy will always be beneficial for your company.

The Proper Systems

Once you create some valuable content that will drive desired actions, you have to start evaluating the efficiency of your content marketing. The internet has made marketing a far more calculable profession than ever before, and the days of marketers who used to rely on shady analytics and metrics are long behind us.  However, be aware that content cannot be measured and assessed with just a single metric; you have to create an array of metrics. Consumption metrics are the most basic type of content metrics, if you want to know how many users consumed your content. In addition, you have to pay special attention to sales metrics; you need to know how often and how many of the content consumers turn into regular customers. Implementing the latest business intelligence software, and monitoring your actions in details, is becoming an inseparable part of the contemporary inbound marketing, and business in general. Provided with an insight, you are able to determine whether your content strategy is making a financial sense. Moreover, while we are on the topic of content – remember that content is not just about consumption, it is also about sales, leads and your brand.

Welcoming Changes

Updating your plan at least once a year in accordance to the progress of development and KPIs is a standard operating procedure. With and up-to-date plan you will identify what actions you need to take to adapt your business to the current market and change the way it operates –applying new technologies, employee training and development and even renegotiating contracts with suppliers as your business grows.


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