All The Small Things – Seemingly Minor Issues Which Affect Efficiency


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All kinds of things can slow down your company’s work rate. Major issues such as the internet going down or a lack of customers will be noticeable. But sometimes, it’s the small things that can make a significant difference.

You may not even consider these things when trying to improve your business. But the little things can really grind down your efficiency. The benefit is it’s easy to adjust and remove these issues for a much more efficient business. Here are some of the minor issues you should iron out.

Disorganization Issues

Disorganization in the workplace can make a business much less efficient. Having mess and clutter everywhere can make people less motivated to work. It can also be distracting when paperwork is everywhere. What’s more is if you don’t know where to find what you need, how will you do your job fast enough?

It’s worth having an all-out cleaning up and decluttering of your workplace. Designate places for things to be stored away so you always know where to find supplies and equipment. You should also get your documents organized. The most efficient way to do this is to use software to store and sort documents digitally. Services like DOMA Technologies can help with this.

You should also encourage your workers to keep more organized. Perhaps even set measures in place to help them. You may want to give them a to-do list of tasks to keep them more focused on what they need to do and when.

Communication Issues

Effective communication is key to an efficient business. But many companies go wrong here. In the modern age, too many businesses rely on the internet for office communications. When office workers send each other emails, they might have to wait a long time for a response. It can be distracting and slow things down.

Face-to-face communication should always be encouraged in the workplace. It only takes a few seconds to ask a colleague a quick question. There’s also less room for misunderstanding than with email.

One of the best ways to promote better communication is to adjust the layout of your workplace. Make sure that co-workers who need to communicate are close to each other. It can often improve collaboration if employees communicate well. You should also make yourself accessible to all workers who might need help.

Concentration Issues

In a busy workplace, concentration can quickly break down. Most people don’t realize how often they get distracted at work each day. Although it may seem minor, it can have a significant effect on business efficiency.

If someone is performing a job and gets distracted, it can take around half an hour to regain their focus. As you can imagine, this greatly impacts their work rate if they get distracted often. Noisy co-workers and phone notifications can be a factor in this. Employers loading more work on workers can be even more of an interruption.

But small breaks can help with focus sometimes. You may want to try implementing the Pomodoro technique in your business. It involves working with complete focus for 25 minutes then taking a five-minute break. The short break often helps people to refocus, think, and grab a coffee. It gives them renewed focus when they get back to the task at hand.

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