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New online technology is emerging all the time, and businesses are getting more inventive with marketing. Blogs have become a staple on nearly all company websites for their use in content marketing. Social media can also help you boost your audience. But have you considered marketing with videos?

The statistics on online video viewers are staggering. In 2016, over 213 million internet users in the United States watched digital videos. These numbers are forecasted to grow over the next couple of years, so it’s the perfect time to start making use of online video. Here are some ways to do so.


YouTube is the go-to platform for video content and one of the most-used sites in the world. It isn’t difficult to get started with YouTube, and it’s a fantastic way to start promoting your business. Every business should create a channel and use it to start attracting customers.

Large companies often post their TV advertisements to YouTube. It helps them reach a worldwide audience. Another idea is to create product reviews. No matter what you’re selling, a hands-on YouTube review can make customers more likely to buy.

You might even want to collaborate with popular YouTube users to gain more viewers. If you can generate a lot of views, you can even profit from your channel. It’s well worth getting involved with YouTube for your video marketing needs.


While Instagram is mainly known for images, it’s also a fantastic site for posting videos. The social networking platform allows you to spread content to followers and get noticed fast. It’s ideal for posting short video clips that people can watch from their computers and smartphones.

Funny or entertaining Instagram videos often go viral. If users all over the web share your content, you can gain a lot of attention. Another way to build buzz around your Instagram videos is to purchase automatic Instagram likes. It’s a fast way to help your video marketing take off.

For inspiration, check out how big brands use Instagram videos for advertising. You can create short clips with catchy music and product demonstrations to appeal to customers. Comedic videos have great potential to go viral. You could also encourage followers to join in! User-generated content can help get your audience engaged.


SnapChat is one of the fastest growing social apps in the world. It’s even expected to overtake Twitter and Pinterest. It’s particularly popular with the younger generation, but all kinds of demographics are using this fun video app these days.

Companies are also taking advantage of its growth. The app allows you to send out pictures and short video clips to all your followers. You can do this instantly using a smartphone. Sending out regular videos is an excellent way to improve brand awareness.

For instance, you could post behind-the-scenes videos from your company. Your customers might be interested in how your products are made, or how lively your office is. You could also post previews of new products or videos of events. It’s also useful for sending out promotional codes to followers. All of these things can keep your customers interested in what’s going on with your business.

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