Best Instagram Filters for ‘Boring’ Industries

 Instagram filters can make your company’s snapshots look more professional and certainly not boring. However, if your line of work is considered “boring” by some people, you may be wondering if it’s worthwhile to use Instagram at all.

The site is a sure bet for those who work in the travel or animal industries, as they can post scenic landscapes or pictures of cuddly animals to attract customers. The same is true for you, even if your industry isn’t as exciting.

1. Earlybird

This one’s inspired by traditional Polaroid film that was used past its expiration. When that happened, the pictures often had orange, yellow and beige tones in the snapshots. These hues draw the eye and could work well even if you’re showcasing a very particular item such as a Cantek jointer. If you show that tool along with a piece of plywood that already has beige and yellow hues in it, that could make the Earlybird filter give even more striking results.

2. Sutro

Try this filter and see how the photographs will have lovely sepia tones with bursts of plum hues. It doesn’t use color in a way that’s so distracting that it draws away from the subject, but creates interest.

3. Hefe

If you’re taking a picture of something that has a very sterile vibe, warm things up with this filter. It uses slight orange and yellow tones that could make images look more appealing.

4. X-Pro II

Offering just a hint of saturation, the X-Pro II filter is great for framing subjects and adding emphasis. Consider using it if your company sells ergonomic drum lifters and you’re trying to promote a new product line. Because this filter has dark borders, it keeps viewers focused on the center portion of a photo.

5. Willow

Market your products in monochrome by taking a few shots with this cool option. It has subtle purple tones that brighten the results, too.

6. Poprocket

Marketers often use the color red to represent passion, action and energy. If you’d like to experiment with it to drive sales, look no further than the Poprocket Instagram filter. In addition to giving hints of red, this filter also brings warmth that could make even the driest subjects sparkle with allure.

7. Brannan

This is a low-key filter that works especially well if you take a picture of a subject that has a lot of grey and green shades. Those will be highlighted when this filter is used.

8. Inkwell

This black-and-white option boosts contrast too. It’s great if you’re shooting a dark-colored object against a light background or vice versa.

9. Nashville

Named for a city that’s famous for its artistic flair, this filter gives pops of color by using pinks and purples to help your subject stand out. It uses those hues with enough subtlety that you can still feel good about trying this filter for business purposes and not worrying that it will be a mistake.

There are numerous Instagram filters that will liven up your photos without giving them an unprofessional slant. There’s no reason to think Instagram isn’t a worthwhile marketing platform because you work with products that some people might not consider to be photogenic.

After taking some snapshots and switching through some of these filter options, you’ll probably be surprised at the kinds of lively outcomes it is possible to achieve. It’s smart to have a solid social media presence regardless of your industry, and now you’re equipped to take the world of Instagram by storm.

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