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A Sample of our Published Titles

Savvy for the Social Web by Andrew Walsh

When online searches give us millions of results and with automatic notifications and seemingly endless streams of social network feeds coming at us, this glut of information can be overwhelming and can lead to confusion, frustration, and indecision.

In the age of the social web we need to develop a new set of skills: how to find information, which now requires knowledge of many digital formats and search systems; how to know what and whom to trust; and how to manage the information we do find. We also need to know how to create and participate on the social web. In Savvy for the Social Web you’ll learn:

Why search engines fall hopelessly short and how you can find better information

The real story behind “information overload” and how you can organize your incoming information and get more done online

Who to trust and listen to in an age where everyone is talking (and publishing)

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