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You may thought you’d done it: you may have thought you’d got the independence in the world, and the most independence you’d ever have, when you decided to leave the nine to five and start your own business. You probably thought that from the moment your business was brought to life that you, and your business would be living a life of full independence. However, after a short time, maybe even less than a year, you probably started to, or have to started to, realise that you aren’t as independent as you thought you were and that your business is in fact dependant on external things. This, whether you like it or not, is a fact of the business word: you have to depend on others form time. But if you feel as if your business is in fact relying too heavily on others, then there are steps to take to bring back a level of independence to it.


A few steps in your quest to bring back more independence to your business, or inject with a healthy dose of it, include: diversifying your client list in order to ensure that you always have options and backup when it comes to customers that are taking a long time, or flat out refusing, to pay; becoming firm in regards to payment terms and learning to say no so that you are never taken advantage of; and by taking vacations and holidays, just to ensure that your business can go on independently even in your absence. a definitive way to retain independence, however, is to ensure that, one, your vendor or distributor is never late or taking advantage of your business, and two, to become a independent distributor yourself. As evidenced by the success of, you can become an independent distributer of goods and create a brand for your business that shows you to be in control of what you do. Being an independent distributer offers up businesses the chance to choose who they business with and what they business in. If this is something that interests you then check these steps on how to do so.

And, despite what others may say, outsourcing is not a form of giving up your business’s independence. For example, if a customer is in fact not paying you, for whatever reason, and this is seriously damaging your cash flow or stopping you from making further payments or transactions, then you can outsource the problem of chasing the invoice to factoring companies, such as They take the problem of an unpaid invoice as their own and exchange the problem of chasing it for the money you were owed for it (as well as taking a cut, of course). This is an example of the fact that you can still retain independence whilst outsourcing; remember: outsourcing is not about why, it is about what.


So, if you want to bring back a degree of independence to your business, make sure to follow the steps above. But, you should also remember that every business needs to be dependent on external sources from time to time.

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