Cash Strapped: 5 Ways to Make an Online Marketing Video on a Budget

Cash Strapped 5 Ways to Make an Online Marketing Video on a BudgetCreating a video meant for online marketing doesn’t take a film degree, and it’s possible to make a very basic, low-cost video by employing some easy pieces of advice for smart filmmaking.

Hiring a huge cast, having tons of people on a “set,” and renting many pieces of equipment isn’t needed for a suitable marketing video today. Releasing company details through video on Facebook and other social media websites may be accomplished by any company with a particularly small budget devoted to the film. Some tips to create a valuable and low-cost video include the following:

1. Purchase external microphones

According to online marketing experts at  OrangeSoda seo, the audio in any video is particularly important, and if a marketing video includes any type of real-world filming such as interviews, microphones provide an amazing boost to the value of the video. Small microphones that may be affixed to the collar of an interviewee will provide impressive sound that is much better than what the in-camera microphone might provide, even in the calmest, wind-free conditions.

2. Use two cameras

Although this option might seem as though it will cost more in the outset, the value of two cameras during filming becomes amazingly apparent when it comes time to edit the piece. Multiple angles and views of an event or interview provide terrific editing value, and make it seem as though an entire crew was on the site with their cameras to record the details.

3. Get help from students

There are thousands of film and photography students out there who want to beef up their resumes while in school. A small marketing video that will end up on YouTube or a company’s website offers a terrific opportunity for students to spend a small amount of time to gain a credit or two. The only thing a company might need to provide for payment is lunch, although small stipends of $20 also work nicely.

4. Invest in video-editing software

A standard marketing video doesn’t need to look like it was something that came out of Michael Bay’s head, but a few simple editing details will plump up any simple marketing video. Simple options such as credits and simple special effects add great value to basic videos. If a company is looking for a particularly low-cost solution for editing, most Windows OS and Apple computers are already loaded with free video editing applications.

5. Get help from customers

There’s nothing better for marketing than a company’s customers telling the world about a great product or service. Customers will often grant interviews for free, although offering the customer a coupon in exchange for the interview is an appropriate way of thanking the customer for his or her time. New buyers are influenced tremendously by customer recommendations.

The first marketing film a small company makes may be very simple and short, but by using smart techniques the first time a video is produced, even the lowest budget production will offer tremendous marketing value to the company’s marketing plan with a professional online marketing firm. With over 6 billion hours of video streamed each month on YouTube alone, online video marketing is essential for any company’s advertising efforts.

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