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Whether you are knowledgeable about SEO or not, there is no denying that the practice can be time-consuming. You have to keep your ear close to the ground for info on everything from Google updates to industry developments. And then, of course, there are the little, but vital details – the reports, analysis, and making sense of it all.

So, if you are a busy business owner with a lot to do, you might consider outsourcing the work. And in today’s guide, we’re going to explain how to choose the perfect SEO individual or agency. There is a lot to get through, so let’s get started right away.

Beware of false promises

There are many SEO agencies out there who will promise you the world if you give them your business. But how many of them will deliver? We would say – none. A good SEO agency will never guarantee anything, let alone a number one ranking. And if you hear any of these promises, make sure you also hear the alarm bells.

Small contracts

As Digitrio point out, the real measurement of success is turnover and profit, not ranking. Look for an SEO firm who is confident enough to take you on without a long-term contract. You can pretty much guarantee they will deliver you results – and if not, you can just walk away.



The big picture

Great SEO companies look at the wider picture when they approach their work. SEO is just a form of marketing, and it needs to have the framing of your overall marketing strategy if it is going to be a success. If an SEO company comes in and starts doing ‘stuff’ with no rhyme or reason, the chances are that you should say goodbye. Make sure any potential partner is asking you the bigger questions. Far better these, than specifics like whether you have tagged your images correctly.


You have to know that your SEO agency understands you and that you understand them. Things can change quickly in the world of SEO, and it’s important to have help at hand when you need it. Don’t forget, the SEO salesperson won’t be working on your account – you will be given to an account manager. You might ask to have a chat with them before making your final decision and hiring the firm. It’s also a good idea to ask for a plan of action. It will act as the foundation for everything moving forward and sketches out how often the firm will be available.

Long term partner

Just because you want to avoid long contracts doesn’t mean you should seek short-term help. In fact, if you find a great SEO company, hold onto them. There are many agencies out there who, in truth, don’t get the best results. And if you can strike gold with a creative, energized agency, you can form a successful partnership for many more years to come.

We hope this little guide has helped you understand what you should look for when hiring an SEO. Let us know if you have more suggestions!

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