Clever SEO Tips To Boost Your Blog Performance

In general terms, it’s fair to say that blogging is the marketing activity that is best suited for ranking well in the search engines. After all, the whole point of a blog is to provide interesting and valuable posts and content on your site, interlink to other, relevant articles you have written, and many other activities that the likes of Google love to see.

However, that’s not to say that getting SEO on your site is a simple task – far from it, in fact. There are many things you will need to do with SEO if you want success on your blog, which we’re going to take a quick look at today. Read on to find out some ace SEO tips for bloggers and start getting better results for your site right away.

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Quality over quantity

Are you bashing out 10-15 articles a day for your blog? If so, how many of those posts do you think are seriously of high quality to appeal to a real, human audience? The chances are that few – if any – of them are going to offer anything like the value the likes of Google want to see to rank you for your keywords. And, as points out, with the Internet awash with poor quality sites, you are just going to be seen as all of the rest – churning out lightweight, pointless articles that have been covered elsewhere a million times before. Focus on quality, research your subjects well, and make sure you always provide value to the reader.

Write for humans, not machines

Ultimately, if you are writing about a subject matter and want people to read it, you need to write for them, not the search engines. Yes, keywords are important, but when it boils down to it, once people arrive on your site they will leave soon after if you aren’t giving them a good reason to stay. A page stuffed with keywords and their synonyms might get you ranking well, but it isn’t going to keep the customer happy in the slightest.

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Get the basics right

Make sure you get the principles of SEO in place for your blog. While there is a lot of information to take in, if you can nail the basics, it will do wonders for your blog. If you have the time, nothing is stopping you from learning SEO yourself, of course. But for most small business owners – which you should see yourself as – often outsource. SEO firm recommend finding a partner who will treat your needs as different and custom build a plan for you. If there are any signs of a company pushing unnecessary services on you, it’s best to look elsewhere – a reputable company will never do this.

Promote your content

Finally, a lot of bloggers slip up because they think that writing a great post is going to new them gold. But the truth is somewhat different. In fact, writing a blog post is probably the least difficult aspect of its creation. There needs to be a lot of research involved before you even put pen to paper, and once you finish you have to promote your work like crazy. Email, social media, use of expert’s quotations, and even sharing it with influencers on Linkedin can work a treat.

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