Common Social Media Mistakes Made by Businesses

Is social media going to become the new search engine optimization?

While it seems a strange question, hear us out. Businesses large and small, not to mention entrepreneurs, are continuously heard dropping SEO into conversations and preaching about its importance. Of course, it is often the case that what they actually know about SEO isn’t too much at all. With the power of social media on the rise on a daily basis, the same groups are now talking about their social reach and how they are capturing as many followers as possible. Again, and predictably, the level of knowledge tends to be rather low.

Businesses of all sizes are guilty of a range of social media mistakes that is undermining both their revenues and their quest to gain ‘social supremacy.’ We explored the most common ones.

Looking for Followers

Hang on a minute, isn’t the point of social media to get as many followers as possible, so that you can get your message to as wide an audience as you can?

Well, yes and no.

Obviously, you want to build your follower count, but you don’t need to go blatantly looking for them. Instead, concentrate on creating high value content, using social sharing buttons on your website, and growing your business revenues how you normally would. Social media follower counts will naturally grow on the back of this, don’t learn the hard way that thousands of follows automatically means a healthier bottom line.

I am a Robot

We appreciate that businesses don’t want to employ a person to oversee their social feeds 24/7, so will use platforms such as Hootsuite to manage their operations.

Unfortunately, for many businesses, this represents the only work they do. Not engaging in human conversations and responding to queries – weekly will work, daily will set you apart from most – is a recipe for disaster.

Lack of Patience

Unless you are reading this as the CEO of a global company that doesn’t yet have a social media presence, then building a following is going to take time.

Of all of the businesses and entrepreneurs out there who say ‘social media doesn’t work/is a waste of time,’ we would bet that the majority of them have had accounts in the past, and then closed them after a month due to a lack of immediate results.

The Corporate Face

Much of the planet is still gripped by recession, yet businesses aren’t willing to try anything new. Heaven forbid that they run a competition to see who can create the best Instagram-edit of a photo, or who can create the best hashtag for a new product.

An unwillingness to move away from past problems, such as leaning too much on corporate speak and a straight-laced approach, will see businesses fail to grasp the opportunities of the future.

Stamp out any social media mistakes that you can identify with today, and give these platforms the time and attention to detail they require so that they become a key business driver in years to come.

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