Could Your Website Survive A ‘Hug Of Death’?

It is the dream of every single business on this planet. Floating in a sea of potential customers, all with the cash available to buy your products and fill your business coffers. Whether they are rushing through the doors of your business into the aisles and lining, cramming in the car parking slots, or just generally milling around – the more customers, the better. If your business goal isn’t to bring in the maximum amount of customers, then what is? Bringing in a lot of customer heightens the potential you have to make cash and cash will be one of the big bottom lines in business.

However, if your business isn’t equipped to deal with a whole bunch of customers, you could lose money and customers as you can’t process orders and complete the customer journey. If customers are stuck in line all day – the best case scenarios are that they wait in line and buy the product, or they simply come back another day. The worst scenarios? They head off to your local competitor. If your business can’t handle a lot of customers, it won’t get the chance to have a lot of customers.

“But,” you might say, “my business is based online, it has all the space in the world!” However, the same rules do apply. While your online business doesn’t have aisles, parking lots or the other aspects that a physical business would need to expand to deal with a huge intake in customers. However, you can’t sit on your hands when the customers come in, and come in big numbers. If you do nothing to respond to an influx of customer online, you could be heading for huge problems. A physical store has issues when a huge number of customers enter the building. An online business can be taken offline when server demand exceeds capacity.


How do you avoid being taken offline? Well you need reliable web hosting in the first instance from a company such as PAC Web Hosting. Then, you need to be proactive. If huge numbers come in, do you need to expand your server space before the site is taken offline? IF you wait around and try to cut costs, it could cost your business.

The ‘hug of death’ is commonplace with today’s explosive viral landscape, where a business can boom overnight. Any link shared can multiply and bring a huge number of visitors to your website. In many cases, this number can be great for business and bring a bunch of sales. However, if your business doesn’t prepare for – or doesn’t notice – the influx of traffic, the traffic could become volatile and unstable as it increases, eventually bring the site down.

In any case, businesses thrive when they are proactive, not when they wait around waiting for things to happen. Your server space won’t save itself when the hug of death arrives, so, are you ready? Is your website ready to handle it? It might not ever happen, but you need to be ready, always.

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