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We’re in the age of ubiquitous, instant communication. So when a business isn’t very good at communicating to its customers and clients? Then people will begin to wonder how that can be. After all, what possible excuse could you have?

A lot of people across various types of business underestimate the task of communication. Sure, we all kinda know that it’s important. We’ve all heard that “communication is key.” But you may not realize just how quickly your reputation could be damaged with a communication mistake!

The process of customer and client communication is multifaceted. There are so many things you need to consider, and a lot of tasks to be getting on with! Let’s take a look at what you have to consider when your business has to communication with others.

The recruitment process

You need to make it clear in your job description that communication is very important. You should try to keep an eye out for candidates with extensive experience in communication. If you’re contacting them via email or phone calls, then pay close attention to how they carry themselves. You should also come up with a bunch of tests that can really test the abilities of your candidates!



Amazing training

Just because someone doesn’t have extensive experience in this field, it doesn’t mean they can’t learn! You could have someone with the potential to be the best customer service assistant of all time. They just need a little push! Your training programs for new recruits should be a thing of beauty. Something that works really well is showing them examples of great calls you’ve had with customers in the past. Speaking of which…

Recording and law compliance

Recording phone conversations with customers and clients can be extremely useful. It can help with training, as I’ve already suggested. It can keep you legally protected if there’s a dispute. But you need to make sure you’re actually complying with the law when you record conversations! The person on the other end needs to be informed that they’re being recorded. If you’re taking payment information, then you also need to make sure your recording system is properly protected.


A CRM is a type of client management system. If you’re going to be dealing with a lot of people more than once, then this sort of software is recommended. It’s a database that can be filled in with any relevant information about a contact as you need. This is extremely useful for newcomers to your company as well as the veterans. Compiling this sort of data can also help tremendously when it comes to analytics.



Tweet tweet!

Sorry: maybe you thought you’d be escaping peer pressure to join social media when you started a business. But it’s actually more important for you than ever to join social media! This is where your business can build some great ties with your fans and customers, as well as other industry leaders. Many people may actually go straight to your Twitter page if they have a problem. Twitter has, for many companies, become the main port of call for customer service!

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