Developing Your Team To Develop Your Business

Growing a business takes time and tenacity. It also takes hard work and commitment to the task from each member of your team. As your company develops, your people need to develop. Opportunities will come along, and you need to know that every employee is equipped and capable to take advantage.

Businesses that work with internet services, apps and computers know that change happens often and it happens fast. Most companies have two choices. They can hire more people that know about the latest innovations and changes. Or they can train their existing trusted and loyal staff to keep up with what is going on. It is usually cheaper to stick with the people you know and provide them with the means to continue their professional development.

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Some companies fear that any investment in their staff development could lead to those employees taking it elsewhere. If you’re worried about employee retention, it is always worth addressing this first. Is there a problem with management and motivation? Are your salary and benefit packages competitive? Are you offering plenty of opportunity for bonuses and promotion?

Of course, the lack of continuing professional development provision might be driving employees away. In this industry, it is essential that each member of your team has access to resources to keep their skills and knowledge current. If you’re looking to develop your team, then consider ways to boost their leadership and management skills. Offer them the chance to study for an online Computer Information Systems degree so they can train while they work. It makes sense to have a highly qualified team behind you. It’s marketable, and your clients will love it.

If you’re looking to enter new markets or even pivot your business direction, it’s essential your team can make that transition. There are several ways you can approach this. Retraining or certification is one way to make sure everyone is ready for that next big client. You might choose to take on new recruits that have that essential knowledge. They would then need to take the lead on the project until your team is up to speed. Another option would be to enter a partnership with another more specialized firm, sharing the project and the profit. All of these options would require a change of direction and structure for your team.

Do you have a vision for the future of your business? You might have some ideas about the direction in which you want to take your company. Where are your opportunities? What are your strengths? A SWOT analysis will help you take a long hard look at these. It will also give you a chance to determine where your weakness and threats might hamper your development. Can employee development help allay these issues?

How can you identify which members of your team are best suited for development? It might be worth incorporating continuing professional development within your business model. This means every member of staff is expected to seek opportunities to boost their knowledge and their qualifications. The choice is often left to them with a manager’s guidance and approval.

Which areas should employees look to develop? It’s a good idea to encourage industry relevant training courses, such as computer science and social media marketing. It is also a good idea to tackle those smaller skills such as analytics monitoring, customer retention, or data tracking. Invite your employees to bring what they have learned into the business, and into their team. Sharing the learning makes the investment on your part even more worthwhile.

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What about me? Developing your own skillset and boosting your qualifications is also a good idea. New concepts in management and new approaches to business strategy can be enormously beneficial.  That doesn’t mean you should withhold funding for these from your subordinates. Invest at every level in your team’s development to help them to develop the business from the inside out.

Where will it lead? Yes, there is a chance an employee will take your cash, train and run. And they might well run all the way to your biggest competitor. Many businesses set up contracts for training with their employees. They usually state that the cost of the course is repayable if employment is terminated within a fixed term.

Big companies offer a training fund for any kind of education, training or personal development. This is usually offered as a loan that is repayable in instalments direct from the paycheck. It’s up to you if you want to offer this to your employees. Can your team’s personal development help to develop your business?

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