Do I Need a Facebook Ad Manager To Do My Marketing?

It’s hardly a well-kept secret that establishing a social media presence for your large or small business is a necessity these days. Facebook is no longer just for college kids trying to connect on a social level. Anyone can join, and that means a limitless consumer audience for businesses.

Utilizing Facebook as part of a robust online marketing strategy is commendable, but it’s not easy. The rules and features of Facebook are constantly changing, which makes it that much more difficult for companies to be seen and heard. That’s where Facebook ad managers come into play. These folks will help your brand immensely and will ensure that your target demographic sees you.

There are so many ways that paid advertising will work for your company. By having a Facebook ad manager, not only will all of your followers will see the advertisement, but also the friends of those followers. It’s the glory of social media and the domino effect. Some of the things that a Facebook ad manager can do:

  • Reevaluate which demographics you should market toward. There may be a gold mine of potential customers out there that you have been ignoring. A Facebook ad manager will explore all options and tweak your settings so you reach the right people.
  • Seek out ways your ads can improve. You may not have time to experiment with small changes regarding text or graphics, but a Facebook ad manager will always look for potential adjustments that could convert into more clicks and more conversions for you.
  • Manage your budget well. The amount you are willing to pay per click will affect how many people see your ads. Finding the perfect number is tricky, and the market is always fluctuating. An ad manager will ensure that you aren’t overpaying without seeing the rewards — or underpaying and not reaching enough Facebook users.

Bringing in an ad manager for your large or small business is a great way to get the most bang for your buck in regards to Facebook. Social media has seriously affected the way that consumers shop and communicate, and the same goes for businesses. When you consider how much time people spend on their tablets and smart phones, updating statuses and uploading pictures, it is quite apparent that social media is here to stay. If you want your company to stick around as well, then you’ve got to adjust with the times.

This article was provided by Kaity Nakagoshi, the Online Community Director for a Tampa social media company. Kaity is a native Floridian, a University of South Florida graduate, and a social media enthusiast. She likes online shopping, golf, neon colors, chips-n-salsa, and college football. Follow her on Twitter @KaityAtZelen.

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Kaity Nakagoshi is the online community director for a small Tampa advertising company. In addition to her role at Zelen Communications, Kaity is also a native Floridian, a graduate from the University of South Florida, and a pretty serious Tiger Woods fan. She enjoys hot yoga, online shopping, and napping. Follow Kaity on Twitter
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