Easy Ways You Can Boost Staff Productivity (That You Might Not Have Thought Of!)

Looking to give your business a boost? Instead of focusing on marketing and advertising, perhaps you need to look at your employees? Even the best, most motivated workers can have their ability hindered by certain things. Here are a few easy ways you can boost productivity and make your staff happier in the process.

Display Living Plants

Numerous studies have shown that living plants in the workplace boost mood and productivity. Best of all it’s a cheap and easy change to make in the office. You could dot around some large potted yucca and fern plants, as well as add smaller varieties and cacti to desks. Encourage workers to bring in a plant of their choice for their desk, not only does this look decorative in the office but according to research, you might notice an improvement in workload too!

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Switch Up The Lighting

The human eyes perform best in natural daylight. Daylight is also a mood booster, and people are happier working in it than artificial light. For this reason, you should consider moving your worker’s desks to be as close to windows as possible. Other areas of the office which aren’t lit by natural daylight should be lit with daylight bulbs. These are far kinder on eyes than harsh fluorescents and will help prevent eye strain too.

Invest in Team Building Activities

As well as being able to work well independently, your staff should also be able to work as a team too. Good communication and trust are both important for this, and one way you can improve these things is by running team building activities. There are companies that specifically run these kinds of events either over a day, weekend or longer. You could host your own team building activities at your office, or host events and parties. You could use a company like sourceme.com to find caterers, room hire and other essentials needed to make it a success.

Use Ergonomically Designed Furniture

Your workers will be spending a significant amount of time each day sat at their desk. Anything that’s uncomfortable or causes pain is going to cause problems. Neck, back and wrist strain are all common amongst office workers and may even lead to time being taken off. Don’t skimp when it comes to desks and chairs, make sure they’re comfortable and ergonomically designed. Your workers will thank you for it, and you’ll improve productivity by reducing time off.

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Be an Approachable Boss

The best bosses know to maintain a professional boundary while still being approachable. When your staff feel as though they can speak to you, problems get resolved far more quickly and efficiently. Issues get brought to attention much more quickly, and everything runs much more smoothly. Bosses that are too stern or strict can inhibit productivity by causing employees stress, so while you do want to run your business efficiently, this is something to bear in mind.

How do you keep staff motivated and productive?

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