Education: The Key Resource For Employees (And Employers)

Education, is it a vastly overrated notion in business, is it deemed more important than experience nowadays? Or is it actually your business’ most vital commodity? The case can be argued for the former, but it is the latter where it has its biggest impacts. Yes, the notion of experience in something that can be acquired by being on the frontline, but education is where you build up your mental reserves. It doesn’t just benefit employees, but it benefits employers. So, how can it benefit both in your business?

The Employers


The big thing about education now is that the options for pursuing it are as diverse as the courses themselves. For those that are looking for a specific course on Lean Six Sigma, there are Lean online courses that you can do in your spare time. For those that are looking to pick up a certain amount of slack in their own skills, there are courses on the most basic of subjects. So, if you have a gaping hole in your knowledge, there is a course to fill it. Apart from the way of filling your knowledge bank, the importance of educating yourself in business is a great way to reduce your overheads. The common trend right now is to outsource, but in using what education can give you, in other words, a detailed, well-rounded, opinion of your business, you can do what is best for your business, and not just because of a gut instinct, but an informed and educated opinion.

The Employees


Employees benefit from education in so many different aspects, and we’ve seen what it can do with the typical e-learning programs that lots of companies roll out, to varying degrees of success. While there it is to ensure that the employees have a basic knowledge of certain processes, or they are complying with certain rules and regulations, education has the bases covered. Where your employees can benefit more from education, especially in how your business is run, is that by having employees that begin to value the importance of their role in the company, it means they will become more productive. This, of course, benefits your business no end. It’s not even just the typical workshops on developing teamwork and soft skills, your employees can benefit from a really detailed, in-depth course, that could take years to complete so it will benefit your business, as well as their development within your framework. The one big thing that employees should take away from the fact that you are investing in their education is that they are going to feel more valued as a result. Within the modern framework of freelancers and companies where employees are hired to be a face in the crowd, it gives them little opportunity to shine. This one very simple or mission of modern companies can be rectified by this one simple act.

The debate of experience vs education is something that will rage on for years on end, but now, from the perspective of the employer and the employee, having a decent base knowledge in how things work means they can most definitely hit the ground running.

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