Fight For Your Business: Taming The Beast Of Marketing


Are you working hard at getting your business out there? Do you have enough of a hook to reel the punters in? Is your angle niche enough? If you aren’t standing out from the crowd, then you are going to struggle. The solution? Getting your marketing strategy absolutely crystal clear and pinpointed down to the fine details. While there are many marketing agencies that will tell you the best way to get your business out there using tried and tested methods unless they know your company as well as you do, can you take their opinion wholeheartedly? To create a really good marketing strategy requires so many different aspects and angles. If you are a business that is on the smaller side, the whole beast of marketing can seem like an overwhelming term. We begin by breaking this down into smaller chunks. When it comes to marketing, it consists of:

The Tools or Resources – creating these or implementing them.

The Visual – either by increasing this aspect of the company or using the image to get more leads.

The Platforms – deciding what platforms you will market on.

The Content – producing content that is relevant to the business. Whether by using your own methods or outsourcing for help such as

The Trends – keeping yourself up to date on what is happening in the technological aspects of the business world, market trends, updates in practices. The list goes on.


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So, those are the breakdowns. Picking it apart like this makes it easier to see where you are falling down. So, what does a marketing strategy do for you?

A Manifesto – it is your bible to go back to.

A Focus Tool – your attention can stay in accordance with the intentions and ethos of the business.

An Easy Plan – if designed right, it is easy for anyone to follow and pick up the baton.

An Original Piece Of Work – if unique and detailed enough, it will help you to not cheat by copying or stealing other business models.

A Saver – of time and money. Instead of throwing money at any idea you think may have the potential, and a time saver in the respect that you have a plan to follow, so you don’t waste time on anything else.

This plan will do many things for your business. Once the blocks are in place, you can then use your plan to start on:

Pinpoint ideas such as marketing strategies like presence on social media.

Outline each type of process to go with each individual strand of your strategy.

Determine your goals in marketing the product, to increase brand visibility.

Once these steps have been finished, you are then able to create:

The Action Plan – it doesn’t have to be massive, just a few points or a schedule to show clearly what each step is.

The Calendar – to give your company focus and to reinforce the notion of deadlines.



When it boils down to it, you need a solid foundation in any area of business. The marketing plan will prove to be a solid foundation for you if you give it the time.

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