Four Ways To Make Your Website Work Better For You

If you have people round to your home or place of work for the first time, you want to make a good impression on them, right? You might make sure your desk is clear and that things look spic and span. However, how many of us don’t use the same rules or guidelines when it comes to our own websites? We might have designed it once, several years ago and left it. But in a modern world, people lack patience. If the site looks bad and responds slowly, they will just click away from it. So here are some ways you can be improving your website and increase sales.


Add a Value Statement

When someone clicks onto your website for the first time, is it clear to them what your business, product or service is? Do you have a clear value or mission statement on the homepage of your blog? Is there a tagline? These kinds of thing are important for transparency and for someone knowing whether it is worth their time staying on your site. Let the website visitors know exactly what they will be getting with you.

Call To Action

Having a call to action button, or in text form, on your website can be really huge to the success of your site. After all, they are on your site. They could be interested. How can you get them to stay or to sign up? Having buttons for things like signing up to an email newsletter or clicking here to get a quote, are all good ideas. Use words like click, download, open or go to. They are action words and will incite more action. Something that simply says more information isn’t going to be of interest.



While it is great to have people saying good things about your business, having them in one place on a menu is not a good way to have people to see them. How many people click on those pages? Think about it; when was the last time you clicked on one of those pages? So it is better to have the testimonials scattered among your existing content. It could be one in your sidebar or half way through your text. It could be when talking about your products or service, and including a call to action like a certain customer did, then state their testimonial. Don’t go overboard, but avoid them all being on one separate page.


You want your site to look good. One of the best ways to do that is by using large, clear, and hi-res images all through the site. It will make things look much more professional and reliable too. It is also a good idea to use images of you and your team. Do you currently have any photographs of you on the site? Customers want to know who is behind the business. It makes you seem much more approachable and friendly. So make sure you upload images and make changes to the images as often as is needed.

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