Funky Ideas To Make Yourself Unforgettable

When people say things like “you’ll never be able to unsee that” after having watched, for instance, Ed Miliband trying to eat a bacon sandwich, it’s usually a bad thing. But in the world of business, making yourself unforgettable is essential.


But why is this? Well, it comes down to a very simple principle. If you’re forgettable, it suggests that you aren’t particularly high value to the people you meet. Memorable people are those who have the most to offer and are most beneficial to their clients.

Here’s how to make yourself unforgettable.

Focus On A Mission

In a world of information overload, people are busy – really busy. They don’t have time to consign to memory all relevant information about a particular individual. It’s for this reason that it’s a bad idea to focus on multiple core issues or services. Most of the people you meet will be looking to associate you with one or two topics. It’s the people who double-down on particular subject or service areas that are often the most remembered and revered. Think carefully about your beliefs and your topics, and get known for them. Don’t try to be a jack-of-all-trades.


Most people gunning for success don’t realise that their natural inclination to be giving of themselves puts them at a significant advantage in the world of work. Individuals who are giving of themselves are rare – rare indeed. Stand out from the crowd of people who are obsessed with themselves by being a good listener, curious and expressing your gratitude when warranted.

Be Consistent In Your Brand

Consistency is another keystone of successful brands. Being consistent makes you more memorable because repetition creates memorability. Think for a moment of what some of the most successful brands in the world do to build memorability – they repeat their slogans over and over again. Everybody knows Tesco’s “every little helps.”


Some advice? Make sure that your business cards are consistent with your brand image, your website and your online advertisements.

Be Good At Some Things, Not Everything

Polymaths tend to do well in business – just look at Elon Musk – but they aren’t usually remembered for their ability to master a broad range of activities. Instead, they’re remembered for the things that they did best.

The reason for this is the fact that people remember superlatives – that is the best meal they ever had or the fastest rollercoaster they even rode. You’ll also make yourself more memorable if you can get your name attached to a superlative, like “best” or “greatest.”

Stay Positive, Always

People who have a can-do attitude are generally the most optimistic and positive people, and it’s these people who often stick in your mind. If you’ve ever spoken to a famous person, you’ll have noticed just how positive and inspiring they can be compared to your average Joe. Focus on the other person, look to build them up, and complement them where praise is due.

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Remember, negative people are memorable too – the only problem is that people will do whatever they can to avoid them.

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