Getting Feedback Via an Exit Survey Form on WordPress

acmeWhen you’re trying to build a successful website, it’s crucial to get as much information as you can about your visitors. Who are they? Where are they coming from? How are they engaging with your content?

Free tools such as Google Analytics give you rich information, ranging from referral sources to exit stats and everything in between.

These exit stats, including your bounce rate and other exit metrics, are incredibly valuable for identifying which parts of your site are loosing the most people.

But when visitors leave your site, you don’t typically know why they did so. How great would it be if you could actually ask them?

Well now you can, with a few different options for administering an exit survey.

These exit feedback forms can help you identify why exactly users are jumping ship, and what you can do to help other visitors stay in the future.

It’s never a good idea to be too intrusive, but in this case the logic is that these users were already leaving, so you don’t lose anything by trying to ask for their opinion.

And by using good exit survey design and keeping it short and sweet, it will only take up a few seconds of their time while still giving you invaluable feedback.

Ivana Taylor recommends asking just one quick question to help reduce your bounce rate: “Leaving so soon? Tell us why.” Or taking the opposite approach and asking users what drew them in to the site in the first place and whether they accomplished that task.

Best Survey Forms for Exit Feedback Using WordPress

Exit Rescue

Exit Rescue is a free option but somewhat limited in scope. Upon exit it shows a popup message that you can use to send visitors to a form in a separate url where they answer your survey questions.

There are also other WordPress plugins designed for feedback and surveys, such as Webengage, but the free version is not set up well for exit feedback.

ACME Feedback

Compared to Exit Rescue which isn’t designed exactly for surveys, ACME Feedback is a highly customizable exit survey plugin for WordPress. You can easily set it up to trigger on exit, or place a handy and unobtrusive tab on either the left or right side.

There are many customization options including the design of the survey itself, the ways you can receive responses (in your dashboard or via email) and even what you display after the survey is completed.

ACME Feedback is powerful and can provide you with crucial information about why you lost a sale, whether you might have broken pages and other issues with your site so you can make the appropriate tweaks and watch your traffic grow. Visitors love to share their opinion, so give them a chance to.

Learn More About ACME Feedback and Download

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