How Can I Automatically Post New Blog Articles to Facebook and Twitter?

When you’re a blogger, a common desire is to automate the process of sharing your latest posts to your social media networks. It can take up a lot of time to go in and share them manually, especially if you post frequently or run multiple websites.

The networks themselves have some built-in mechanisms to do this. Twitter, for example, allows you to link to your Facebook account right on your Profile page for cross-sharing, and this can be done on the Facebook end as well.

But want more customization, richer analytics, and the ability to seamlessly post to more accounts than just two that are linked together, you will want to take a look at some dedicated auto-posting services.

The two that I have found to be the most useful are and TwitterFeed.

Both operate by regularly checking your blog’s RSS feed and posting to your selected social networks if new content is found. Both will do this at intervals of 30 minutes.

Both operate in a similar manner, but has a few more features, including find-and-replace and auto-hashtag functionality to giv your posts more customization.

With the free plan, however, you are limited to 5 feeds and 3 social profiles. TwitterFeed does not appear to have a feed limit (I’ve personally set up more than five and their FAQ doesn’t address any limits).

Although these services do bring many benefits, there are possible drawbacks that you should be aware of. Kristi Hines noted that there might be some posts you might not want to share with your networks and that some of these services don’t have functionality to credit the author in the tweet. Also, going the automated route can make it more difficult for some bloggers to maintain the personal connections and genuine engagement that are necessary for social media success.

Another limitation with these particular services is that one popular network is absent: Google+. This is due to the fact that there is no API for personal pages and very few social media services have access to the business page API.

Blogger Justin Germino recommends using Hootsuite to post to Google+, since it is one of the few tools that can do it. The free Hootsuite plan allows you to connect 2 RSS feeds and have them post to any connected social profiles of your choosing, including Google+.

Thanks to Danial Munsif and Justin Germino who shared their tips about this topic on the Blog Engage Facebook page.

I hope this article was helpful for teaching you how to auto-post blog content to your social networks. If you try one of these services, or like to use something else, let us know in the comments below.

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