How Often Should You Change Your Timeline Cover?

As a business marketer, you understand the importance of using social media networks and their tools to your advantage. Sometimes it takes a little creativity, but it’s important to stay on the lookout for ways to use social media to maximize marketing potential for any brand or business that you represent.

This is where the Facebook timeline cover becomes important. Originally created with restrictions like a 20% text maximum, the restrictions have lifted, and now the covers offer limitless options for promotion. How can you make the most of a timeline cover? How often should it be changed?

Why the Timeline Cover Matters

Photos that are shared on business pages generate interest, 53% more interest than a standard text-based post to be exact. Taken to the next level, in addition to general interest and views, photos attract 104% more comments than standard, text-based posts. These are important statistics that can be associated with timeline covers because these images are shared on newsfeeds in the same way other photos are, becoming part of your brand’s Facebook portfolio, they have the potential to make an impact. The more interaction your posts and timeline cover generate, the higher you’ll rank in the newsfeeds of your followers.

How Often Should it be Changed?

Back to the question at hand, how often should a Facebook timeline cover be changed? Considering its importance, as established above, frequency becomes the next big issue.

In many cases, the jury is out. While some experts recommend changing the timeline cover weekly or bi-weekly, others take a more conservative approach with every month or season, while others think it should remain stagnant.

The general rule of thumb is simple. For max results, make an effort to change your Facebook timeline cover photo with the change of seasons – four times a year – and with any special promotion or event your brand will be promoting or taking part in. This keeps your brand appearance updated without overwhelming followers. Sometimes a moderate approach is best, in this case, it’s true.

Ways to Make the Most of Facebook Timeline Covers

Highlight Special Offers

As previously noted, timeline covers can alert followers to special offers and promotions that might otherwise go unnoticed. Consider using an ad or other image to share details with fans and followers before going public. Generating buzz online is a solid practice that can go a long way to demonstrate appreciation and to increase excitement.

Provide Education

Sometimes fans and followers might not have time to check your page for long, detailed status updates or news alerts. Sometimes alerts that are emailed get lost or marked as spam. Facebook timeline covers are an excellent alternative. If your company is looking to provide information on why certain chimenea covers are better than others, providing a visual comparison with basic facts could do more than creating a blog post. It never hurts to add a link in the description for more information, but try to establish the main points in the image for maximum results.

Play Up a Holiday

There’s no harm in using the holidays to your advantage. Candy companies should absolutely provide information on Valentine’s Day specials through timeline cover images. Likewise, other retailers can take advantage of all holidays, from Virtual Assistant Appreciation Day to Christmas. A timeline cover can provide a timely reminder while keeping your brand front and center in the newsfeeds, and minds, of your followers.

While there’s no limit to the potential that exists for Facebook timeline cover images, the most important fact to remember as a digital marketer or anyone involved in promoting a brand, is to keep it frequent. Place high importance on keeping your timeline cover current and using it to attract interest.

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