How to Encourage Commenting on Your Blog

A blog will never succeed if you don’t get your followers involved. You can post three times a day, but if no one is commenting and sharing their thoughts with you, chances are you’re not really engaging any of them. So how can you encourage more comments? Here are a few ideas.

1. Comment first

Don’t wait for your followers to comment on your posts first. Go on their websites, read some of their articles, and post your own comment. Show them that you care, and they will undoubtedly return the favor. In the blogging world, you have to give to receive.

2. Contests

Speaking of giving, a great way to involve your followers is by hosting giveaways. All companies, whether they are book publishers or clothing brands, are looking for publicity. More often than not, they would be thrilled to send you a product to review and share with your readers. Not only do you get a free gift, but you also get to push your followers to comment, making that the way to enter the contest. Once you start hosting contests, followers will start checking in more and more often, stopping to read your other posts and commenting on them as well.

3. Respond

A great way to encourage your followers to comment is by responding to the ones you receive. Once you start getting a lot of them, it will be hard to respond to each one, but followers will still see that you are taking the time to read their comments when you have a few replies on each thread. Once they know their comments are being read, they will be more inclined to leave comments every time they read your blogs.

4. Ask a question

A great way to create community on your blog and get readers involved is by asking questions. In this way, followers will be driven to join in on the conversation by providing their own answers. You would be surprised by how many blog readers are excited to join in on these sort of conversations. A good idea is to ask for a topic to write about in an upcoming blog. You will get a load of ideas and a comment to go along with each one.

You can also ask for advice on a certain topic. Even if you’re just asking if anyone knows a good roofing company in the Baltimore area, you would be surprised at how many comments you receive. People love to feel like they’re helping others in need and when you ask a question in your post, commenting allows your visitors to do just that.

5. Continue the post

Another good way of getting readers to comment is by inviting them to continue your post. For example, in a post that offers a list, such as “6 Ways to Increase Commenting on Your Blog,” you can ask your followers to add their own answers. This can keep the conversation going on for quite a while, making your post more effective by having it consider just about every option there is for any given topic while also boosting the activity on your blog.

6. Play a game

It may seem silly, but there are a number of games bloggers can play with their followers that get them involved and encourage them to comment. One such game is called “Tell a Story.” The way it works is you, the blogger, begin a story ending abruptly with an ellipses. Then you have your followers continue the story, with each comment taking the story a bit further. It’s a great way to build a sense of community on your blog while also having a good time and a lot of laughs. Just keep a careful eye on such blogs to make sure no one is posting any profanities that you wouldn’t want on your blog, particularly on a post that so many will be reading.

While there are many other ways to increase commenting on your blog, these 6 ideas are great ways to start out.

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Courtney Gordner

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