How to Make People Trust Your Blog and Content

Trust is a big issue for anyone who has a blog. You want your readership to trust you and what you write. But people won’t automatically trust you; in the digital age, we have grown cynical about what we read. Here are some ways to make people trust your blog.

Interact with Comments and Responses

When people post comments underneath your blog post, you should respond to what they say. This begins a two-way conversation between the reader and the writer. Once you interact with people, they will start to see you as a person rather than a distant entity who produces blog posts. It’s a great way of humanizing your blog and making people trust you as an individual person. It doesn’t take much time or effort to do this, but it will make a big difference to the way people see you.


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Use Guest Posts

Guest posts on your blog are a great way to introduce new writers to your blog. If they are established bloggers with their own blogs, they might also introduce new writers to your site. And they will also lend some credibility to your site. When they write for your blog, it shows that they are endorsing it. This is known as blogger advocacy, and it will help people to trust your blog more. There is plenty of information out there to help you, such as this post, “Blogger Outreach Best Practices – How To Write A Guest Blog Post For SEO”.

Offer Quality

This might seem like a pretty obvious thing to point out, but quality does matter a lot. If you are giving people quality content, then they will see that you are not trying to give them something that is inadequate. They will recognize the quality in your content if you keep it coming and don’t let the quality drop for a second. So, rather than the quantity of your blog posts, you should focus on the quality of them first and foremost.

Host Webinars

Your audience loves to interact with you; this is what the internet is all about, so you should embrace it. Without this interactivity, you are missing out on one of the big opportunities open to you. Hosting webinars is one great way to create that interactivity that you are currently lacking. The more open and communicative you are on your blog, the better people will get to know you. In turn, that creates a greater level of trust between the blog and its audience, which is what you’re looking for.


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Correct and Apologize for Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, and this applies to bloggers too. You will make a mistake and type something wrong when you are preparing a blog post. But instead of pretending that you don’t make mistakes, you should correct them and then apologize. People will appreciate this. It shows that you are honest and have some integrity. This is what people want to see, so don’t be afraid to own your mistakes and admit them when you make them. It’s a small piece of advice, but it’s important.

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