How to Open a WordPress Menu Item in a New Tab?

When you’re creating a menu in WordPress, sometimes you want to get your links to open in a new window or tab. In the WYSIWYG post editor this is as simple as clicking a button but that easy option doesn’t seem to appear in the Menu editor.

It is actually there, in fact, but you just need one additional click to make it show up.

What you need to do is look up in the top right corner of the menu and you’ll see a small grey button labeled “Screen Options” with a drop-down arrow. (Yes, it is sort of hidden up there, so no shame if you didn’t see it!)

After clicking that, look under Show advanced menu properties and be sure that “Link Target” is checked.

Now when you go back to editing your menu, you will see that you can check a box to have menu links open in a new tab.

Other things you can enable in the Screen Options drop-down are CSS classes, link relationship and a description, which might be helpful.

Why the open links in new tab is not an option by default is beyond me, but if you know where to look, it’s easy to activate it in WordPress.

Hope this was helpful, and happy blogging!

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