Important SEO Factors Businesses Should Consider

One of the biggest marketing techniques that is being used online today is SEO.  This simple term consists of a lot of different methods, ideas, opinions, and tools that can be used to help better brand a business and their website online.  While there is no shortage of SEO companies that can do SEO marketing for businesses, it is important to learn the basics so that businesses can do it too.

The main thing that businesses need to look at concerning SEO is content.  Just writing content is not good enough; it needs to be search engine friendly, but also engaging and relevant.  Keywords are the  underlying foundation to making SEO effective for any business.  INC suggests using keywords to guide a business’s overall content strategy meaning that the whole SEO campaign will be focused around a few keywords.

Users use certain keywords to find information they are looking for.  Businesses can research the keywords that users are searching for and incorporate them into their content to help make their webpages show up higher in searches.  It is necessary to choose keywords carefully so that a business will be confident their SEO campaign will fit what their customers are searching for online.  SEO companies can do the research for a business and give them a list of keyword they can use to help their SEO or businesses can try and do it themselves using tools like Google Analytics on their webpages.

Keywords need to be integrated into website content in an effective way in order for them to count toward SEO.  The amount of keywords is not enough to justify a high spot on a search engine.  At the beginning of SEO, a business could fill pages with keywords and get the top spots.  However search engines have gotten smarter and now look through all the content to see if it is relevant to a user’s search.

Page titles are also an important part of SEO.  Naming a page with the same keywords as what is in the content gives it a good chance of scoring high in search ranking.  Also, setting up a Meta description to include keywords is necessary for good search engine rankings. describes a Meta description as an “HTML attribute that provides concise explanations of the content of the webpage”; basically it’s what is used to tell users what the webpage is about.  A good example of an SEO page title and Meta description for camping gear would be:

Camping Gear & Outdoor Gear – Outerwear & Outdoor Clothing from …‎
Campmor provides camping gear, clothing and outdoor equipment at low prices from a variety of top brands including The North Face, Columbia Sportswear, …

Notice how the keyword “camping gear” is both toward the front of the page title and Meta description giving it the number one spot on a Google search of camping gear.

Camping Gear (1)

SEO is not easy, but it something that any business can do.  If a business is starting out or just doesn’t have time to do their website’s online marketing, SEO companies such as WebpageFX are available to help.  These companies can do everything from researching keywords to designing webpages.  Writing good content and paying attention to the details ensures that a business’s SEO marketing will be successful and give them the search engine rankings they are looking for.

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