Is A Blog The Right Direction For Your Business? Here’s How To Get Started

There is no hiding from the fact that more of your business presence will be done through online forms and platforms. A website is your hub, the place that you want to direct the general public too. It is your online shopfront, your advertising platform, and the way you can conduct business. But, there are many avenues to cross to help direct the traffic you want to your website, and one of them is a business blog. But is it right for you?


A business blog works consistently, no matter the time, to help generate traffic to your website. It is your chance to cover relevant keywords and SEO to help generate leads from various search engine terminology for the niche you are in. It could help advertise things in a less sales pitch kind of way, while also helping to generate sales and interest into your company. It could be a worthwhile addition to your digital presence, which is why I thought I would share a few tips to help you get started.

Choosing the right hosting platform

One of the first steps to take would be to choose the right hosting platform for your blog and website. So it may be worth looking into the right platform that will work out for you and your business. Websites like are a leading UK host provider and could be a viable option. However, things like this take research and time to find the right provider for you and your business. There are also costs to consider as well as the support services included, so make sure you take all that into consideration.


Developing the blog and theme

Once you have your hosting and may have purchased your domain name, now is the time to develop your blog and your theme. Many behind the scenes software like WordPress offer free themes to help create the right look for your business blog. It is always worth ensuring that your latest content is displayed first, or even featured in some way.

Creating the right content

You could also consider the type of content you want to create, what might suit well with your business and even certain keywords you want to include. These help with the presence you make online with search engines and results displays. When it comes to content, often the quality of the content you produce far outweighs the quantity in which you produce it. So make sure you take this into account when you are creating blog content. Many WordPress or Blogger software will have PlugIns to enable you to check your content for readability, SEO and keywords.

Setting up a content schedule

Having a schedule when it comes to the content is vital to ensuring that your readers are aware of what to expect and when. This also helps you to be consistent with your blog and also for SEO purposes. Some people like to post as often as they can, but always remember that the quality of the content you produce is important. That being said, the more often you can post, the better chances you have driving more traffic to your website.


Using social media to promote posts

Social media is a valuable tool when it comes to promotion of your blog. It is an easy way to get some instant feedback and engagement on the post, as well as driving the traffic to your blog and clicking through to read your post. In some cases, it is also worth having your social media links on your blog homepage, so that readers can follow and never miss a post. This works well to run alongside a social media strategy, which could have blog links and sharing included in your overall goal. Websites like can help with that.  

The major benefits of a business blog

Finally, there are some major benefits to having a business blog. The first one being the advertisement for your business and your website. A blog post doesn’t have to be featured all of the time, but certain keywords typed into a search engine could generate your post as a website of interest, which then leads on to be a click through to the website. This can happen while you are away from your computer or sleeping, no matter what time of day the posts are working hard to promote your blog. You could also use scheduling tools to help circulate blog links more regularly, without the need for you to manually do it. Overall, a blog helps to give your business a much wider reach. With all roads leading to your main website and company.

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