Is Cloud Storage Safe Enough for Marketing Data?

The 21st century has seen the development of the world of the cloud. Based on the idea of sharing everything, for the sake of time saving, as well as basic information sharing in the goal of achieving increased productivity, it can truly be said that cloud-based systems are a modern wonder. However, such platforms do come with certain security issues, which is, when you think about it, quite logical, what with all that availability as a double-edged sword, at hand. So is cloud storage safe enough for marketing data?

Cloud Providers

When we talk about the cloud, we tend to generalize the term. However, cloud providers vary in both price and quality, which you’d think would be something to expect. Furthermore, choosing one that understands your business is not something that should be easily neglected. Companies that specialize in media require less security than marketing firms, for example.

It is obvious, therefore, that some digging around the internet and general consulting is required if you’ve opted for using the cloud, which offers a great deal of relief in terms of data sending, communication and productivity. The most important thing for a marketing company, however, still lies in general safety issues. Providers are not responsible for every part of your sharing platform and this is why hiring outside security professionals is crucial in keeping your cloud space safe.

General Security

Having everything available for every employee in a business makes a company quite prone to backstabbing and data theft. Of course some security measures are present, but uploading any marketing information without proper security measures installed is extremely risky (and this is an understatement). If you are bold enough to put sensitive information onto a cloud-based system, at least make sure you’ve hired professional help to provide you with proper security measures.

No serious business uploads marketing information onto the cloud without having the data go through the process of encryption, which is not something everyone can do. Encryption levels also vary in quality from programmer to programmer, so finding one that is good and fits your needs as a marketing company is of vast importance.

Another way to increase cloud security would be to have instantly available control over all units within a cloud space. Luckily, a great deal of software which specializes in online platform control have made this more than doable nowadays. Remote login software can do wonders for your cloud space, seeing as how you’re only a couple of clicks (or screen touches) away from assuming control over every computer within your company, at all times.

Terms of Agreement

While it is true that Terms of Agreement documents are lengthy and tedious, the fact remains that you need to know what you’re agreeing to, especially if you are a company which specializes in marketing. This is not to say that a cloud provider is out to trick you into signing up to their services at undesirable terms, but that, as we mentioned, not every single one offers the same terms to begin with.

Security measures, for example, vary from provider to provider, as do the prices of maintenance, in accordance to your business’ professional needs. Herein lies the need to perhaps even think about contacting a legal consultant, to cover this for you. Yes, this will have more impact upon your pocket, but those companies that are serious about their business should not refrain from forking out a part of their budget, just to be safe.

All in all, cloud isn’t a completely safe environment. However, such is the case with almost every aspect of life in general. Under no circumstance do we mean to say that one should refrain from enjoying the benefits of this service, otherwise we wouldn’t be on the cloud ourselves.

About the author: Nate M. Vickery is a business consultant from Sydney, Australia. He is mostly engaged in providing small business owners and entrepreneurs with management and marketing advice. He is also an editor on

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