Is Social Media Marketing the “New” News?

As you grab your coffee off the counter and head out the door every morning, chances are you wonder what traffic will be like on your commute. Sure, you could flip on the radio and wait to hear the traffic update, but if you want real-time, up to date information, you can simply look to Twitter. Your local news station receives tweets from fellow drivers regarding traffic jams and accidents, which allows them to provide you with the most recent and relevant reports. No matter what kind of news or information consumers are in need or desire of, they can get it via social media.

What does this mean for your business?

The trends regarding consumer behavior and social media should only be of concern to you if you wish to continue to reach customers for advertising, marketing, and communication purposes. Chances are, you have already implemented some sort of online marketing techniques into your overall marketing plan, but you might not be taking advantage of what social media has to offer.

Old News

The fact that so many consumers get their daily news from social media platforms is somewhat troubling, but also intriguing. It’s sad, because the demand for traditional newspapers has decreased significantly, but it’s neat because mobile devices allow users to get notified as soon as something newsworthy occurs. This reliance on social media basically means that if you are stuck in the past, and still focusing on old-fashioned marketing tactics, success is not a likely result. It is perfectly fine to apply these old school methods, but it is equally as important to adopt a social media strategy as well. It simply cannot be ignored.

Extra, Extra, Tweet All About It!

These days, social media pertains to more than just Facebook, which is probably the most well-known social media platform. Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and tumblr are some of the other popular social sites that consumers use on a daily basis. When it comes to your social media strategy, the important thing to remember is not to get overwhelmed. Do not tackle of these platforms at once. Get familiar with what each one has to offer, what kinds of customers are on there, and whether or not it is a worthy avenue for your company. Consider the following benefits of an updated online marketing plan that relies heavy on social media:

  • Get free exposure
  • Establish brand recognition
  • Gain website traffic
  • Improve search results
  • Establish partnerships
  • Increase sales

Those are just some of the advantages that come along with social media marketing. The question at hand is not whether or not your business should be utilizing social media tools, because that answer is a solid yes. The real issue of concern is – are you truly getting the most bang for your buck with your online marketing efforts? As long as you stay on top of social media trends, and stay connected with your customers, then you have nothing to worry about.

This guest post article was written by Kaity Nakagoshi, who works for Zelen Communications, a traditional and online advertising company in Tampa. Kaity graduated from the University of South Florida and has never lived anywhere else but the “Sunshine State”. She plans to pursue her MBA from the University of Georgia and would love to sport black and red on game days. Follow her on Twitter @KaityAtZelen.

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Kaity Nakagoshi is the online community director for a small Tampa advertising company. In addition to her role at Zelen Communications, Kaity is also a native Floridian, a graduate from the University of South Florida, and a pretty serious Tiger Woods fan. She enjoys hot yoga, online shopping, and napping. Follow Kaity on Twitter
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