Niche Guys Finish First: Standing Out Of The E-Commerce Crowd



If you are an entrepreneur, you might feel that running a store online (e-commerce) might have a lot less risks involved with it in comparison to overseeing a physical retail store. The fact of it is that with any sorts of business, there are risks involved. While more people are taking to purchasing items online, and with Christmas fast approaching, we see an upwards trend of online purchases. And this is because it simply is easier for customers to do. The risks in running an e-commerce site can be reduced in many ways, from the running of the business, to minimizing spend.

Choose A Niche

If you are looking for a type of business to be involved with or a certain type of service, you need to make sure that you forge a unique identity. The easiest way to do that is to choose a niche business or a service that we very rarely see. That way it is a lot simpler to separate yourself from the standard service. Stuck for ideas? Being a professional nagger is lucrative, as is paying somebody to wait on the phone line for you if you are in a call queue. Use your brain!

Start Testing The Market

Basically, do research! Find out what the perfect customer is for you and zero in on them. If you can carve a niche business, you will stand a better chance of keeping afloat. To use the example of Netflix. If you started a site like that, how could you stand separately from them? A site like Mubi does so by streaming arthouse and indie films as opposed to the mainstream fare that you would get on Netflix. In short, there are always ways to market something that already exists in a new and exciting way! There are fast food chains that work alongside each other in the market. So it is possible that you can do that too.

Is Your Tech Up To Muster?

From making sure you have the best website designer to having the best anti-virus tools, keeping your image and business protected from all fronts is a necessity. Running an e-commerce site can be risky if you get hacked, as card details can easily be stolen. So, having safe software to take payments securely will save you a major headache!

Are You Advertising Yourself Properly?

Are you using your marketing campaign properly? If you are running a company whose target market is a small section of a bigger market, then you need to get communicating with them! Advertise yourself across as many platforms as you can. Who is your target market? What apps do they use? If you’re trying to appeal to the younger generations, is just using Facebook going to guarantee sales? You need to get your marketing campaign up to speed and making sure that there are no holes in your strategy. Communicating the brand or image is what will give your business its identity. And marketing it in the correct avenues will turn that into sales.

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