Should You Have Your Own YouTube Channel?

While many individuals and business owners understand the importance of social networking and participating with their targeted audience online across various channels, there’s usually a gray area, and it’s centered around one website in particular: YouTube.

To some it seems like a network that’s designed purely for enjoying videos online; those that think that way and minimalize the importance and potential impact of the site are missing out. According to the site’s press kit, YouTube boasts 1 billion unique visitors each month. To take it even further, each month of this year, 6 billion hours of video have been watched…that’s a half an hour for every person on the planet. The site reaches more young adults in the United States than any cable network.

The potential for impact is staggering when matched up with these statistics. In fact, if you’re looking for a new way to connect with your target market, creating a YouTube channel should be a serious consideration.

For a little background, YouTube channels are simply videos uploaded by a particular user. They create a way to link videos so viewers can easily check out videos uploaded by the same person.

If you’re thinking a YouTube channel is right for you, chances are you’re correct since they’re a great way for most people to reach out. But, for your channel to be a success it must be purposeful, targeted and regular.

Have a Purpose

Like any social media initiative, those looking to create a YouTube channel should have a specific purpose in mind. Are you trying to reach out to potential customers or clients? Want to inform visitors of a cause or specific piece of information? Are you simply looking to spread your brand to a new user group?

As long as you can think of a purpose behind your YouTube channel, creating it is probably a good idea. Make sure you understand the purpose of social media as a whole and you understand what actions you shouldn’t be taking.

Know Your Audience

For any branding campaign – which is what a YouTube channel essentially creates – having a targeted audience in mind is essential.

Think of who you’re trying to reach. Are you looking into the young adult market? If so, YouTube should be one of your first social network choices, as the aforementioned figure clearly demonstrated. If it’s another demographic, it doesn’t mean YouTube isn’t the right network, but it means you may want to make your videos a little differently – just like any marketing effort. For example, if you are a long term rehab center, you won’t be making your network target kids, you’d want to target adults and provide them with helpful information.

Obtain the Right Tools

If you want to make YouTube work for you, you need a few basic tools: a place to shoot, a script (in some cases, depending upon your style) and a camera. Phones, webcams and digital cameras are all appropriate recording devices that can create videos easily formatted for YouTube.

Making a small investment in the beginning could ensure your success going forward.

Make a Commitment

To make your YouTube channel creation a success, and to reach your target market by creating another chance for engagement and connections, you must make a commitment. Interesting, unique content should be uploaded on a regular basis.

Take the time to properly format your videos and to embed them in your personal website – integration is always important. In addition to proper formatting, creating keyword optimized descriptions ensure your posts allow for maximum SEO exposure.

Like any social networking campaign or account creation, learning the YouTube ropes takes time. But, it could be a great way to take your business or brand to the next level.

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