The Blog Of Eternal Revenue: Blogging To Get Heard More Clearly

Getting your blog out there is an essential component of the business armoury now. It is viewed as a piece of marketing, information provider and communication tool all rolled up into one. But where do you begin? And what do you do to get your blog seen by more people that the standard blog written by your person on the street?


Internal Or External?

The first thing to decide on is how you want your blog to be used. Blogs can be used in one of two ways, externally or internally. Using an internal one will keep your company up to date on issues and can be posted on the company’s intranet. It is a good way to keep a large organisation up to speed on overarching issues.

Using one single tool to communicate with all the departments makes the work newsletter of decades ago redundant. It is a good method to share expertise on certain topics and can be useful to employees involved in specific technical areas that require information that is completely up to date. Another great thing is that a blog is that it’s a simple thing to maintain!

If you use an external blog, it is one that is published online so anyone and everyone can see it. It helps to give your company a more personal touch, and it gives your business a voice. This will go a long way to humanise yourselves. It will also help people to keep an eye on what is happening in the company from an internal perspective. Doing this helps to give people a better understanding of your business ethos and it helps to give your brand a warmth.

From the external perspective, it is a good communication tool with customers. Customers can easily comment on what they like or dislike about products a lot easier now than ever before, and they have a sizeable platform to do it on. Using your blog will be a way to broadcast quick and easy solutions to problems that customers have. It will also show that you take your customers seriously.  



Technical Specs

Choose your platform i.e. where do you want to locate your blog? You can use a site like WordPress as many others do. However, there are over 82 million users of WordPress. So you need to be heard more than all the others. Whatever platform you decide on, there is always adequate it support available through many organisations and platform providers. While there are other providers like Tumblr or Blogger, WordPress is still one of the better ones that you can get.

Get Your Own URL

Self-hosting using a hosting company is a cheap way to get a professional looking blog which will improve your chances of being seen infinitely. It is not advisable to use your standard blog name with a list of digits behind it. Pay for the hosting and get your business name on there!

Make It Your Own Design

If you are a start-up, WordPress helps you change your blog appearance. But investing in a specialist to give you the image you want will be better in the long term.

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