Tips for Engaging Your Social Media Audience

Having an online marketing strategy that includes social media is a great option for your growing business, but if you aren’t really reaching your potential consumers, then it could just be a waste of time. The possibility of growth and expansion through social media is incredible; you can literally reach millions of online viewers if you know what to do and where to do it. Well we are here to teach you all you need to know. Below are some tips that will help you earn the most bang for your buck with your investment in social media marketing.

Locate Your Audience

By incorporating social media into your marketing strategy, you have already found half the treasure trove, as a recent study shows there is a large impact on consumerism from social media. But which social media site is the most profitable from a marketing standpoint? While every social media site has the possibility of producing new clientele, Facebook proves to be the site where most people spend their time. Facebook not only has the most users, but users also spend the most time there, as Facebook averages 423 minutes per user each month, followed by Tumbler at 151 minutes. If visitor numbers don’t catch your eye, follow the lead set by the other marketers who had published ads on Facebook that received over 1,300,000 impressions in 2011 alone.

As I previously mentioned, there are a multitude of social media sites online today, so don’t limit yourself to just one. You will have consumers who use Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other sites so don’t ignore those sites. However, to get your social media marketing kicked off right, start with Facebook.

Engage Your Audience

Now that you’ve established your presence on Facebook, or another site, it is time to engage your followers.

  1. Create various types of content. If you post article after article after article about your industry and your products, followers will quickly get bored and skip right over your updates in their newsfeed. Instead of lots of heavy text, switch up your posts between articles, images and videos. By offering more to your followers, you are more likely to get more from your followers.
  2. Highlight your posts. A link with a title only provides so much information, and it may not be enough to get a follower to click through. Instead of letting your post speak for itself, include a caption or interesting point brought up in your content that will entice a follower to want to read more.
  3. Include click-throughs. It’s all well and good that you have a captivating post that your followers love, but if it can’t take them anywhere it is pointless. Whether it is a link to a sale, a quiz about your products or new store hours, if it is something interesting or important to your clientele, provide them with the link they need to access it.
  4. Be active. Social media is at the fingertips of every user 24/7, so make your profile as 24/7 as possible. We are all human and usually that means we require sleep, personal time and don’t sit in front of the computer every minute we are alive. Facebook allows you to schedule a post for a later date if you can’t be online when you want it to be posted. More often than not, you will be updating your profile during your work hours while your followers will be checking their Facebook during non-work hours. By scheduling posts you are more likely to reach more followers that are in a different time zone or have different social media hours.
  5. Stay up to date and involved. If you have a company update, let your clients and followers know about it. If there is interesting news not directly pertaining to your company, but has a connection to either your business or the interests of the majority of your audience, post it on your page. For example, if you are in New York and recognize there is a cold streak coming, post information about staying warm, even if it is something like where to find a water heater in Baldwinsville. Not only will this engage your followers, it will show them your community is part of your business. It will make you more personable and more likeable.

Social media is the next big thing in marketing. In fact, it’s the next big thing that is already here. By following these tips and using some creativity of your own, you will be able to take advantage of this next big thing and engage millions of new prospective clients.

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