Top Social Media Promotion Trends for 2016

Social Media Promotion Trends in 2016Since it first appeared, social media marketing was an ever evolving thing. Back then the platforms were not stable and social marketing was the most viable marketing strategy. However, tables have turned and today social media is probably among the top 3 (if not the very best) way of utilizing your marketing strategy to its fullest potential.

There are so many opportunities with platforms being rock-solid and with so many advertising options to make your content viral. 2016 is just another year which will bring some changes, however it will be a year of new promotion. Listed below are the most notable of them and those that are predicted to (re)appear in 2016.

Private Social Media

As many of you have already noticed, there had been a surge of private groups popping up every day on Facebook. And more will come, for users are seizing the moment and grabbing the opportunity to create something that will further develop and become a way of promotion.

The most power one can achieve from a platform is from these secret and private groups. By simply gathering a few thousand people, you can easily advertise and promote your products or services to them without having to pay for Facebook Ads or worry about your post being swallowed by tons of others in the News feed.

The same thing is happening on Snapchat since they are the first one to have started this trend. By letting people join your group, they will already feel special and privileged to see your content. To gain the maximum value out of it, expose it only to those you consider to be your potential customers.

Traffic is More Expensive Than Ever

With more and more marketers paying a huge amount of money already for their traffic to be seen, 2016 will be a year when most of them will wail. Twitter will most likely reveal their new algorithm which gives the advantage to ads.

The result will be profitable for the company, because most people advertising their products on Twitter will now (have to) pay a few extra dollars for their content to be seen where it should be seen. This will be solved by TweetRank, an algorithm similar to EdgeRank by Facebook and PageRank by Google.

There will be many ways of showing your products and services, but the traffic search will still be a priority.

Engaging With the Audience

2016 will definitely be the year when viral content has been replaced by engaging content. We are seeing more and more posts which have for their goal to engage readers in doing a certain activity, whether it is subscribing by an email, doing a survey, or simply clicking on that “share” button. Also, it will be the year where the “Buy” button will get more clicks than ever.

Thanks to new search optimization filters, customers looking to buy will get prioritized search over material that is just there to be viral and will end up at content that offers them the ability to buy it straight away.

Another great way of truly expressing the business will be using an online mobile app builder which lets you build an app without having to have any technical knowledge. This software has become so simple to use and there is no reason why every business should not be using it.

360 Degree Broadcasts

More and more businesses have started using this new way of promoting their products and giving “tour guides” using 360 degree broadcasts. Facebook has been filled with these lately. All that it takes is a simple camera and Google’s Cardboard to transform your smartphone into a new way of media promotion.

This represents an entirely new way of social media promotion, and marketers will definitely start creating these “in-person” experiences for the sake of expressing the true feeling behind it.

These new trends will play a huge role in the social landscape in 2016. Everything from picture to video will be important and as the visual trends keep evolving, over the next 12 months we will see new brands covering the social media, and new ways of expressing, such as “selfie”.

The battle to stay on top of the competition has already begun.

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