Using Twitter to Meet Your Customer Service Needs

twitter-bird-blue-on-whiteCustomer service can be tricky for many businesses. Regardless of whether you’re the head of a growing business or an established one, it’s hard work keeping up with customers. Higher established companies have staff members patrol the comment section of their blog posts and product review pages. They are also quick to make amends and work with customers until they are satisfied.

Often, it is the customer service that actually makes the difference. We are moving into a more “real time” phase of online socialization and consumerism. As such, it becomes necessary to allow customers a more immediate and proactive method of reaching out.

Social media seems to be the best solution, especially Twitter. It’s been estimated that millions of tweets are sent each day. Many businesses do not own Twitter accounts, which can seem like a wasted opportunity for businesses. Twitter is a tool that can be more about advertising, while also helping with customer service.

Follow the Shift

An infographic on the subject of social media and customer service showed that more than half of all people on websites like Twitter and Facebook have used these sites with customer service in mind. In fact, the infographic also states that the number of companies who use these sites to handle their customer service issues has doubled. There is no doubt these numbers will only increase in the following years.

Getting ahead of the curve means less stress. For the generation growing up now, there are certain things they will expect to be the norm. Using social media to check up on products and updates, as well as reaching out to businesses will become the standard. If these people find that they can’t get a real time response in a relevant format, they’ll be off in search of businesses that do respond.

Strengthen Connections With Your Customers

A recent study shows that customers that follow small and medium-sized businesses on Twitter tend to feel a strong connection with them. Customers can follow them for updates, which makes customers more likely to buy from those businesses. Using Twitter to keep in contact with customers and respond to their needs as soon as possible can only serve to strengthen that bond.

Maybe your company sells CAT skidsteer parts, but product type and industry is irrelevant to having a Twitter account or social media sites. Always take the time to realize your Twitter base’s needs. After all, building consumer loyalty is necessary for any business to thrive.

Save Money

One of the reasons so many companies have customer service problems is because of the cost of maintaining traditional forms. It costs money to hire customer service representatives, set phone lines and respond to multiple sorts of mail. Money is something that many small businesses simply can’t stretch as far as needed.

But with Twitter, much of these expenses become unnecessary. It’s free to set up a Twitter account and there are various apps that notify you of tweets as soon as they happen. This means you pay nothing to hear from and respond to customer needs. Using tweets to interact with customers and continue conversations about their needs will likely save millions of dollars as more companies catch on.

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