What Could You Do Tomorrow To Become A Better Marketer?

All leaders in business know that the key to a successful enterprise is to market one’s products in the most compelling way possible. But of course, the question is how.

Some of it is innate, just as with entrepreneurship in general. Nobody taught Steve Jobs how to sell: he just seemed to get it. But much of it can also be learned. What’s more, you can start doing things to make yourself a better marketer starting tomorrow. Here’s how.

Start Having Hard Conversations

Top marketers are slowly beginning to realize the importance of having honest, in-depth conversations with their clients. Why? Because it’s usually nagging, underlying problems which get in the way of taking your business relationships further. A customer might be willing to invest partially in your products but might not want to go the whole hog for some subtle reason that neither party wants to discuss.


However, as a leader in marketing, it’s your job to get to the bottom of customer resistance and find solutions, even if that means having awkward conversations about how you’re not quite meeting your customer’s needs. Honest, hard conversations benefit your company enormously because they provide the essential feedback you need to know what you’re doing wrong and change it.

Be Open To New Ideas


If you’ve been in marketing for a decade or more, you might think that you know all there is to learn about the discipline. But it turns out that a lot has changed, and that thinking has moved on substantially. This is one of the reasons why so many veterans are taking MBA marketing programs: they want to know the latest on how to sell in an ever-evolving environment. Remember, the way you were taught to market at school is probably no longer applicable to the current digital era. Things have changed, and you need to keep up.

Be Humble About Your Knowledge

Why is being humble as a marketer so important? It’s important because having an acceptance that you don’t know everything is the only way to learn. Marketers who think that they have the whole world figured out are often closed off to new information. They have their way of doing things, and they are going to stick with it. But the best way to be creative and to have new ideas is to avoid dogma altogether. Being humble and open to new concepts, even if they sound strange at first, is the best way to move your marketing department forwards.

Integrate Marketing With Other Aspects Of The Business

Businesses like to enforce a rigid separation between departments. Marketing is for the marketing department, and the marketing department only. Finance is for the finance department only and so on. But why do companies insist on these rigid boundaries? After all, a company is little more than a collection of people working together to try to sell a product.

The most successful marketers are those who weave their influence across all layers of an organization. They actively educate other customer-facing people in the business in how to effectively communicate with clients and what modes of behavior fits in with the company’s overarching public narrative.

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