What Makes a Great Ecommerce Site?

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Launching an online shop is a popular course of action for many small business owners and budding entrepreneurs, but it is something that you need to consider carefully. The usability and visibility of your website will directly impact on the number of sales that you make, as well as the overall experience that you offer to your clients. Let’s take a closer look at answering the question: what makes a great ecommerce site?

Great Mobile Experience

The smartphone is now the most commonly used device to access the internet, so you need to ensure that mobile users are able to operate your website just as well as everyone else. First of all the site need to be easy to navigate from one page to the next, and you also need to ensure that the checkout is easy to locate. To get the design right, you could turn to a professional agency like Rouge Media. Though you may be tempted to go for complicated features, there is a lot to be said from the clean and clear approach to web design.

Simple Checkout Process

A poorly designed checkout could be a killer for your site. If customers are unable to purchase easily through your website, they are likely to move onto one of your competitors. To start off with, a big, clear checkout button should be easily visible and you should also optimise the load time of the site where possible so people aren’t left waiting around. Also, you should make it clear how customers can get support if they need it.

High-Quality Product Photography

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Since you are in a products business, you need to display your wares in the best possible light – quite literally! It is a good idea to have an image gallery for each of your products so customers can view all the different angles and see the individual features. A zoom function is also a nice feature so customers can get the best possible impression of what they are buying before purchase.

Detailed Product Description

As well as the imagery, the product description is what will encourage your clients to make the purchase. Include all essential information such as size, texture, weight, materials and colours. Don’t be too dry with your descriptions – you should be looking to tell a story that explains how the product could benefit the customer with their day to day life. A video of the product being used can also be very beneficial. Your descriptions also need to be SEO-friendly to help boost your rankings on search engines.

Clear Returns Policy

Of course, you are trying to reduce the number of returns as much as possible, but you should make it clear to customers that they have that option. This helps to give them a sense of security in what they are purchasing. Try to write it in clear language without any jargon.

Before you build your ecommerce site, make sure that it includes each of the five points listed above.    

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