What Makes the Perfect Social Media Team?

You might be in the process of setting up a brand new social media business. You could be looking to embrace social media and are hiring a team to manage those responsibilities. Either way, the people you choose to do the job will have a significant say in whether or not your projects will be a success. So, for today, the big question is: what makes the perfect social media team? Let’s get started and address the major issues you need to consider.



A purpose

As with everything in business, you need to have a purpose for hiring a social media team. Without purpose, your social media channels will be just another thing that you are spending money on that is not delivering results. Are you using social media to drive people to your website? Are you trying to build an audience that responds better to your offers and services? Or, are you just doing it because everyone else is? Clearly, if it’s the latter scenario, you need to have a rethink. There is little point in having a directionless social media strategy without goals. And, therefore, there is little point in hiring a team.

Clearly defined roles

In most successful social media teams, everyone has clearly defined roles. Ou will have community managers that can deal with posts or question to your pages. You will have people dealing with the public relations to reach out to people via social media. You should also have content creators. These are the people that create engaging, compelling content on both on your social media channels and your blog. However, the key role is having someone that links your social media strategy with your overall marketing plan. They have to align and share the same goals, or, again, there is little point in investing in social media at all.

Tracked performance

How will your social media team know they are doing well – or not -if you don’t measure their results? Monitoring their performance over the critical KPIs is essential. It’s not just the quality of their work you need to track, either. You will need to consider everything from managing sickness absence to reviewing productivity, too. This is particularly important if you are hiring people to work remotely.

A positive company culture

Company culture is critical to the success of any social media team. Every single person you hire needs to be aware of who you are and what you do. They should all be able to communicate in the same tone of voice to show you are consistent. It’s also important that people work together – not just within the social media team, but within the business as a whole.  

First class training

The world of social media for business is changing all the time. And, unless you allow your team the time to learn new techniques and strategies, you will soon fall behind. Make sure your teams are constantly learning and evolving in their roles. Social media can be unruly, and it is still in its infancy – but people are learning all the time. It is critical that everyone has their fingers on the pulse of the industry if you want them to achieve success.

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