What You Need To Know About Google Plus for Your Business

Both small and large businesses can benefit from hiring an SEO company that has an in depth understanding of Google Plus. Google Plus is the newest social platform that can have a direct impact on your SEO efforts. Everyone from SEO specialists to business owners should be familiar with Google Plus, as well as have an understanding of why it’s important and how to use it.

Google Plus Is Social

Google Plus is Google’s answer to Facebook. People who’ve used Facebook should have no problem understanding how the platform works. Simply put, the platform allows users to share content including photos, video and text with a massive network of users through “Circles.”

Anyone registered with Google Plus can rate web content and share that content within the network. This opens up the opportunity of having people in your circles vouch for your company’s content and website.

Google Plus is Similar to Facebook … But Different

Facebook still continues to have privacy issues. Many of Facebook’s users have voiced concerns regarding the website’s obtuse privacy settings, and many Facebook users don’t know how to protect their account information in the manner they desire.

Google Plus offers a management system that makes it much easier for users to manage their privacy settings. Google Plus users can create groups for all of their contacts (“Circles”) and these groups can be selected easily when creating content.

Any post that is made on G+ can be edited, and the +1 button is very important for businesses of any size. Users can use the +1 button to show that they trust the content from another user, which validates the content as trustworthy information.

The +1 button that Google Plus provides is like Facebook’s button, but there are some differences. So all in all, Google Plus is a lot like Facebook, but it’s certainly different in many ways.

The +1 Button for SEO

Businesses can utilize the +1 button for their SEO efforts. Many experiments have been performed to show the impact of the +1 button on Google’s SERPs. When a user clicks the button in the SERPs, the user is basically endorsing the content and website; put simply, users +1 content that they trust, which sends trust signals to Google.

The search giant has not denied that the +1 button influences their ranking algorithms. However, many SEO specialists are speculating that the +1 button is going to be used to tie together the enormous amount of user-generated content that exists on the web. To take full advantage of the ranking power behind Google+, you can hire an SEO company.

Since it’s obvious that the platform affects Google’s ranking algorithms, you can use it to gain an advantage for your small or large business. You now know all of the important details about Google+ and how it can help your business thrive.

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