When You Shouldn’t Respond to Blog Comments

One of the most important things to realize when it comes to blogging is that not all comments you receive are worth commenting back or even keeping.

Spam is unfortunately an unavoidable part of blogging, and the more traffic and popularity your blog receives, the more likely it will attract spam. Follow these tips to maintain a more successful blog.

Get Rid of Comment Spam

Instead of thinking that keeping spam comments will help inflate your numbers, you need to consider the harm that comment spam can bring to your blog. The main problem with keeping comment spam is that it shows your readers that you are not moderating your blog. No one wants to frequently visit a blog that is littered with spam.

Nothing is more frustrating than clicking on a link and being taken to some random webpage. Take care of your site and moderate it for spam or your readers will start looking for other bloggers who do. Finally, if you find the amount of spam on your site overwhelming, consider using a third-party comment system.

How to Recognize Spam

To determine whether a comment is legit or not, it is important to ask yourself a few questions. Is the comment author using a real name or just keywords? Not seeing a first/last name is a telltale sign of a comment spammer. Is the author using a valid email address? Fake email addresses are also examples of fake identities commenting on your blog.

How to Deal with Critics

As we all know, it is impossible to be liked by everyone. Comments that use profane and offensive language can feel like a personal attack at times. These types of comments can make you feel worried about how you are being viewed by others. You find yourself thinking that these comments will reduce your credibility or negatively impact your blog. It may seem like you should respond back with a message to disprove this “liar,” but before pressing the Enter key, consider these options:

  • Sometimes, these comments need to be ignored or deleted
  • Instead of retaliating, reiterate your point of view
  • Show that you value commenter’s opinions, as long as they are not in an attacking demeanor

Dealing with Unrelated Comments

Another thing that comes along with blogging is receiving comments that are totally irrelevant to the topic or content of your site. For instance, your blog may accumulate unrelated comments from China and India. If you are blogging about your experience with lawyers in Lancaster PA, and are seeing unrelated comments from people who are neither from Lancaster nor are they involved with law, it may feel a little disheartening.

Yet, to deal with these comments, simply delete them! Do not let these pointless posts discourage you! Instead, continue to post well-written and relevant blog posts to attract the readers and meaningful comments that you are looking for. Finally, if managing spam, critics and unrelated comments becomes too much of a headache, you can always disable commenting!

Reasons to Allow Comments

However, if you are trying to make money blogging, to build an online community and following you need to allow comments. For the blogging entrepreneur, allowing comments does a few things that are critical:

  • Shows social proof that others are reading your posts and finding it valuable
  • Can build a community of readers/followers that interact with your posts
  • Creates direct interaction between the blogger and his/her readers

Thus, if you are trying to build a blog that will help you sell products, or make money from traffic to your site, you need to allow and encourage commenting. If someone is frequently commenting on your posts, they are more likely to visit your blog and will give your site more hits and traffic.

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