Why It’s Important To Integrate Social Media With Your Website

If you’re trying to harness the potential of social media for your business, you need to think about every avenue. One example of this, is how to link it to your website. You probably direct potential customers to your website every day. You’ve got it on documentation, business cards and leaflets. If you can find ways to link between the two, it’ll gain more likes, shares and ultimately more exposure for you.


Firstly, you need to look at your website and see where you integrate social media. Normally, it’s a case of having a few social media widgets or buttons on the home page. These can be located in the top corner, or maybe at the bottom of the screen. Try and make them as visible as you can without dominating the screen. You could also have a scrolling banner that shows your latest posts on Facebook and Twitter.

If you’ve got something important on your website that you’d like to share with your social media followers, do it! Link back to your website in the post so they’ll be encouraged to click on it. A thumbnail will show up on formats like Facebook to make it easier for people to click on the link. Another great way to get more viewers to your website is to use Facebook marketing. The little extra money that it costs will spread your company’s reach to many more people, doing the same for your website in turn.

If someone reads or sees something they like on your website, you want them to be able to tell others about it. For that reason, it’s a great idea to have share functionality on as many pages as possible. By having this, people can share things they like with all of their friends on Facebook or Twitter, for example. It’s a very small addition, but it could help to generate a lot more business in the long run.


When you’re posting things on your website or social media pages, you can tap into analytics services to see how each post has performed. Keep an eye on this, as you should see a pattern with the posts that are most successful. If you can’t generate much interest from a simple link to your website, think of other ways you could tackle the issue.

If you’re going to follow these tips, I shouldn’t need to tell you that it’s crucial you keep everything updated. Having a website with links to outdated social media pages looks very unprofessional. The same goes for linking back to a website that hasn’t had a touch-up since 2012! If you haven’t got the time to dedicate to it, outsource and find a company that can provide you with professional and engaging content.

As with everything to do with social media, it’s easy to do the simple tasks such as linking to your website. The difficulty comes in managing it to work as an effective engagement tool. Follow our tips, and you’ll have a great base to work from.

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