Why People Don’t Buy From Your Online Business

In August 2012, Referral Candy was able to estimate that there are around 90,500 online stores across United States. Considering this number, I cannot imagine how many online entrepreneurs are present worldwide these days.  The rise in the number of online retailers indicates that there is also an incredible increase in the number of online shoppers.

A recent survey shows that 66% of consumers prefer shopping over the web. Furthermore, about 45 million smartphone owners access shopping-and-commerce apps each month. People now prefer online shopping because of the comfort and privacy it provides. It enables consumers to skip travel expenses, long cashier queues, parking space hassles, cramming through lots of store buyers, and most especially, it enables a buyer to purchase sensitive goods like adult garments without other people knowing it.

With so many web retailers, consumers also have a lot of options to choose from. Hence, it is easy for them to just switch to other websites when not satisfied with the current ecommerce site they are browsing. What are the main factors affecting this?

Your ecommerce website is too slow

This is the most common reason of consumers not finishing their shopping online. This is especially true for working people whose every second of their time counts. Independent (not by Google) tests have shown that more than 3 seconds of page load time may turn your visitors from potential customers into bounce rate boosters.

Limited product pictures or video presentations

Any consumer values his or her money. Thus, before finalizing a certain purchase, they have to make sure first that they are getting what they really wanted. If your ecommerce site doesn’t have enough product images or videos, viewers might not fully appreciate the product and eventually will not buy any. It is still best to put every description you can have for your product – detailed and precise.

Website navigation is difficult

Imagine a certain consumer eager and ready to buy a certain product but has already consumed 3 minutes searching for ways how he or she can view the price and pay for it.  This frustrated consumer may end up purchasing the same product on other website. Helping your viewer find what he or she wants in the fastest way will not only help you nail a sale but increase your Google rank in SERPs as well.

Poorly designed ecommerce website

Your website is your storefront, and your initial goal is to attract viewers into it.  Remember, based on studies, you only have 8 seconds to do so. Dark, dull-looking, with lots of flash animations or pop-ups, and unreadable website are just among the causes why a visitor immediately departs a certain site. You must impart a professional impression to your site, which in turn gains the trust of consumers that you have a quality product or service. Being professional means a clean, organized, with readable and relevant contents, and simple yet visually attractive ecommerce website.

Your site requires registration for future promotional purposes

Many online shoppers cancel their online purchase whenever they are taken to a registration page before they could finalize their transaction. This could be a big loss to your business. The initial and usual notion about registrations is that they imply an email marketing strategy wherein the consumer will be emailed a lot of promotional items or updates, which could sometimes be spammy.

You may replace your registration page with comments, reviews, or testimonials page wherein your consumers can openly share what they can say about your offered products or services. A Contact Me page would also help establish positive relationship with your customers.

No clear privacy policy or terms and conditions

Usually, customers would want to know the privacy policy and the terms and conditions they are being offered in buying certain products. This serves as an assurance that they will get their money’s worth in all circumstances possible while retaining security for their financial information. These pages should appear in every page of your site.

In business, your consumers are your MIPs (most important people). Therefore, always put yourself in their shoes whenever setting-up your online business site. This way, you can understand what they want and what they don’t want in shopping. Avoiding the above-mentioned reasons would gain you a good customer-relationship as well as good impression in search engine result pages.

About the Author: Arwen Jane Robertson is a marketing specialist who has passion for discovering various marketing strategies for businesses in the online realm. She also writes for http://www.linkjuice.com/ – a back-link campaign for serious SEO. It provides trusted, mature, and powerful blogs that comes with a significant amount of linkjuice.

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